Wednesday Open Thread

My new tower is here, and I’m doing the happy dance.

I could probably attempt to use the laptop to liveblog the tower unveiling/set up, but in the event of troubles or minor glitches, I’d have to “clean up” my language before I liveblogged the moment, so I better just stay focused on getting it hooked up. ;)

I’ll check back in when I can. Wish me luck! :-ss

6 thoughts on “Wednesday Open Thread

  1. Never mind on the blue color thing. I figured it out. This tower was sent to me with IE 6. When I upgraded to IE 8, the issue was fixed. I actually use the Maxthon browser (basic version – uses less system resources), but it feeds (in some way?) off of IE so the update to IE 8 worked with Maxthon, too.

    Whew :)

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