Weekend Open Thread

Posted by: ST on October 2, 2009 at 9:43 pm

I’ve got a full day tomorrow of going to end-of-summer yard sales, visiting a friend, and shopping/having lunch with mom. Will check in at some point tomorrow when I can.


New Englands fall foliage meets with an early snow in Franconia , N.H., Thursday, Oct. 1,2009.

New Englands fall foliage meets with an early snow in Franconia , N.H., Thursday, Oct. 1,2009.
(AP Photo/Jim Cole)

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10 Responses to “Weekend Open Thread”


  1. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired says:

    Birthday party. Step grandson turns ten. The Missus is doing the cake. Should be a most pleasant time.

  2. Anthony says:

    Have fun bargain hunting. :)

  3. Brontefan says:

    Huckabee promises to deal with this double-standard currently on display in Washington on his show tonight. Janeane Garafalo on Bill Mahr’s show [worse than David Letterman!] did all she could to make people believe the grassroots movements are white supremist groups. I find these Hollywood celeb types interesting: they can party with Daniel Ortega, schmooze Hugo Chavez, raise money for outrageous dictators, show contempt for American citizens, support a president “because” he is black, and go on talk shows and indicated that the Republican party has hated black forever. Can anyone tell me which party were the Carpterbaggers??
    I know it is wrong to wake up to Fox and Friends every morning; it sure does get my blood boiling! :)

  4. Kate says:

    LOL Brontefan….I feel the same way re Fox & Friends in the morning, but it does get my motor running!

    Garafalo is just singing the same tune to her own choir. However, she was invited to attend Tea Parties and decline/deferred to go. I would ask her what she is afraid of? There was plenty of room for counter protesters at the Washington event on 9/12….very few takers that I could see. What’s the problem? In my opinion, they can’t defend their viewpoint. They are afraid to take the blinders off and their fingers out of their ears!

    Yes, there were few blacks at these events, but in their defense, they are fearful of the backlash they will get from their own brothers and sisters and then people like Garafalo. Many of the blacks who did attend wished they had brought their families as they felt very safe and welcomed AND there were no counter protesters there making trouble.

    My weekend…..new hairdo and a weekend to catchup on the home front and get ready for winter!!!

  5. Glenn Cassel AMH1(AW) USN Retired says:

    The Birthday party was a roaring success. My Step Grandson got a ton of new Nerf stuff and an outrageously awesome cake from the Missus.

  6. LC Gregory says:

    The thought of these tea parties and the 912 Protest here in DC being racist is laughable if it weren’t so tragic. Race is just not on the program for these any more than is volleyball or dental floss.

    Racism has become the catch-all description for the increasingly-unimaginative Left. They’re ready to shout “Racist!” at whatever they dang well please. The thing that scares me about this is that, by stripping the word of all power whatsoever, it will cause people to become so used to being called racist that they will no longer care if they are in fact racist or not, and allow the real racists to gain a foothold that’s been denied them in legitimate conservatism for decades.

    That will be of benefit to Nobody.

  7. Neo says:

    This makes things a little weirder …

    Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has handed the Kremlin a list of Russian scientists believed by the Israelis to be helping Iran to develop a nuclear warhead. He is said to have delivered the list during a mysterious visit to Moscow.
    Netanyahu flew to the Russian capital with Uzi Arad, his national security adviser, last month in a private jet.

    His office claimed he was in Israel, visiting a secret military establishment at the time. It later emerged that he was holding talks with Vladimir Putin, the Russian prime minister, and President Dmitry Medvedev.
    “We have heard that Netanyahu came with a list and concrete evidence showing that Russians are helping the Iranians to develop a bomb,” said a source close to the Russian defence minister last week.

  8. Carlos says:

    There was great celebration when the old Soviet Union collapsed under its own ponderous weight. That celebration was premature, as evidenced by the re-emergence of Russia and the full emergence of China as world powers.

    Fortunately, Israel, although not brilliant, had the foresight not to dismantle the effective structure of her intelligence community, and has kept pace with the mechanations of the “evil empire”.

    Meanwhile, our brilliant leaders (starting with Bush the Elder and continuing through and pushed hardest by Obama) are determined to play nicey-nice with those who would destroy us by dismantling any semblance of effective intelligence or deterrence.

    So, why does it take the “evil Jooos” to keep us abreast of what our enemies (and yes, they are our enemies) are doing, either directly or by proxy, to destroy everything good man has accomplished in the last 5 centuries? Because we, the supposed leaders of the good guys, have fallen for the siren sounds of peace and harmony and “Kumbaya” while the other side continuous to shake its collective head in disbelief and take whatever they can get for free.

    Our leaders are fools, as are those who continue to elect them.