Monday/Tuesday open thread (UPDATED)

Posted by: ST on October 5, 2009 at 9:00 pm

Hey y’all – I’m feeling a lot under the weather tonight and so far, the chicken soup and the Dayquil aren’t really helping. Maybe a good night’s sleep will.

Catch y’all later.

Weds. Update – 10:06 AM: Sorry for the absence – I’ve been in bed fighting this cold for the last 36 hours or so. I’m feeling somewhat better this morning but am groggy and wiped out from all the meds.

Not sure if what I had/have was the H1N1 stuff, but whatever it was, it kicked my behind good. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do but am going to take it slow, so I will be blogging some today, but it will be light.

Thanks for all the well wishes :)

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19 Responses to “Monday/Tuesday open thread (UPDATED)”


  1. Anthony says:

    Rest well! I’ve often found sleep is the best cure what ails ya. |-)

    (The rest of you: no loud partying while ST’s snoring.)

  2. Severian says:

    Hope it’s not the dreaded H1N1! I don’t know about you, but this has been one of the worst allergy seasons ever, over the past two weeks things have gotten terrible, I’m living on antihistamines.

    Hot toddies, ST, hot toddies are your friend! :d

  3. Lorica says:

    ST doesn’t snore Anthony!!! But her nose twitches like a little bunny while she sleeps. =)) I hope you are feeling better this morning Dear. Please know, as always, you are in my thoughts and prayers. – Lorica

  4. Kate says:

    Take Care ST…sleep is your best option if you have a virus. So get away from the computer and get some ZZZZZ!:x

  5. Neo says:

    The Labor Dept adds phantom jobs during the year to account for those that it thinks weren’t reported (“births”) and then subtracts “deaths” in January … next to be reported Feb 5, 2010 .. when we can expect employment to tank.

    It will be important for Republicans in Congress not to do anything stupid in December/early-January that could be used to scapegoat them for the big drop in employment coming on Feb. 5, 2010.

  6. LC Gregory says:

    Feel better, ST! If it IS H1N1, then you’re gonna be REALLY tired for about a week after you get over the worst of it. Just hang on, keep the faith, and be aware that we, your faithful readers, will still be here when you get back.:):)

  7. Neo says:

    Code Pink‘ rethinks its call for Afghanistan pullout
    In Afghanistan, the US women’s activist group finds that their Afghan counterparts want US troop presence – as well as more reconstruction.

  8. Ron Russell says:

    Get well and get back into the fray as soon as possible we need your help!

  9. Elektra says:

    I read about that, too, Neo. Didn’t the story say the Code Pink representatives were shocked to find out how valuable our Troops are to those ladies and their families?
    I can not imagine being shocked our Troops do good for the people of the World. :(

  10. Lorica says:

    Hmmmmm No activity since Monday night on this site. I am beginning to worry. :(

  11. Yax K'uk' Mo' says:

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Although H1N1 (if that’s what you have) is not a particularly bad virus (regardless of what you hear in the media) it does spread pretty quickly. We picked it up at a tailgate, and it tore through our office in about a week. Another week later, and everyone was just about back to normal. On the bright side, now we don’t have to get vaccinated for it :)

    Also, gratz on the ‘Canes win…geez, Tampa is really sucking sports-wise lately :/

  12. Severian says:

    I think they are going to rush the Swine Flu vaccine into production and it’s going to have problems. Remember the last swine flu the vaccine killed more people than the flu did. I just know the vaccine is going to turn people into zombies. It happens in all the movies, it’s sure to happen now. We’ll be plagued with hordes of Democrats wandering around, demanding our brains be redistributed and spread around.

  13. Yax K'uk' Mo' says:

    heh, Sev….reminds me of this.

  14. Lorica says:

    /WHEW /wipes sweat from his brow I have been very concerned Dear. I am glad you are feeling better. Just get better Dear, we are looking after the fort for you. >:d< – Lorica

  15. Helen says:

    Well, don’t rush things. Colds and flus are nasty things and you can set yourself back very easily. Mind you, I am glad to hear you are better. =d>

  16. Carlos says:

    Neo, if the organized Tired Old Jackass-Wannabees of the Republican Party can find a way not only to shoot themselves in the foot but to blow off at least 3/4 of that leg, they will.

    Also, look for at least three more “prominent” Republican “leaders” to have ethical issues between now and, say, October 1 of next year. Always a good way of donks convincing the average brain-dead voter that they’ll be wasting their vote on an ethically-challenged party if they vote Republican. Never mind the Murthas, Bidens, Schumers, Kennedys, Feinsteins, Reids, Franks, etc. (the list is only ended by the fact there are only so many jackass seats in Congress) and the blatant ethical issues their party sweeps away from public view, or the fact that most of the nominees for Duh-1’s cabinet and advisory positions would be in jail had they been you or me.

  17. Hope you’re feeling better and remember to sneeze into your elbow like Kathleen advised! :d