Illegal aliens to hotels, nursing homes

Posted by: steveegg on October 13, 2009 at 2:23 pm

(H/T – Kevin Fischer) reports that Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is pursuing plans to move certain classes of captured illegal aliens from jails to “converted hotels and nursing homes”.

Quoting Napolitano, “Our detention system has some who have committed crimes, others whose crimes under federal law is a misdemeanor, others who have as I said before not committed a crime at all.” Pont of order – the mere act of illegally entering the country, or overstaying one’s permitted length of stay, is a misdemeanor with deportation as one of the penalties. I do note, however, that a successful claim of asylum does wipe that out.

Here in Milwaukee, the city had the “bright” idea back in the late 1980s of housing “low-risk” drug addicts in city-owned senior housing facilities. Crime in those facilities skyrocketed. Given most of those who are here illegally also engaged in, at a minimum, identification fraud, I foresee the same thing happening.

The news gets worse; the DHS is planning on expanding a limited “Alternatives to Detention” program to include release-and-“supervision”, including non-electronic supervision. The CNS news story notes that resembles the previous “catch-and-release” program, where released illegal aliens simply melted back into the general population without showing up for a scheduled court date.

They did ask Napolitano whether the expanded ATD program would simply be a return to “catch-and-release”, and to her credit, she noted that “catch-and-release” did not work. The question is whether she will ignore the fact that not keeping constant tabs on those in the ATD program will be a return to “catch-and-release”.

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5 Responses to “Illegal aliens to hotels, nursing homes”


  1. Carlos says:

    There are reasons the guvmint wishes all news outlets to use the phrase “undocumented workers”. First, it removes the “stigma” of being a lawbreaker. That’s nice, but if a rose by other name would still smell as sweet, a criminal by any other name still is a criminal no matter if you called him the Pope.

    Second, by calling them “workers” it tends to make citizens forget the thieving millions of slimeballs who contribute absolutely nothing to our society (including the ones who work but send all their earnings “home”) but cost every taxpayer through the wazoo in police costs, imprisonment costs, education, medical and social costs, the list is nearly endless.

    It’s time to call the secretary of the DHS on this garbage again, make it as much of the TEA party protests as taxes because that’s where the rubber meets the road – taxes. If the slimeballs want “justice”, let them work for it – in their own country.

  2. Brontefan says:

    I agree! I am not sure they are ALL “workers.” The change of rhetoric is most convienent because when OB gives them amnesty, they will be “undocumented Democrats.”

  3. Brittancus says:

    The federal government has the prospect in proving to the American workers and legal population that they are wrong in thinking that politicians are catering to the open border parasites? Two laws could be imposed, that would assign employment to elderly citizens and others, as a vanguard in inspecting I-9’s auditing forms for use with the E-Verify, computer verification software. Thousands of jobs could be created as an interior illegal immigration force, giving ICE more backing in investigating businesses hiring foreign labor? In all regions of the country these interior inspectors would listen to Whistle blowers and then investigate companies, such as with the apparel company in Los Angeles who had to jettison 1800 foreign nationals. To me it’s very questionable that a company the size of that clothing company could be completely ignorant of its workers, specifically in a SANCTUARY CITY AND STATE like CALIFORNIA?

    Another idea is in the commencing voting season next year? Instead of just taking the incumbents and clean faced lawmakers by their word? That when they swear an oath that they will protect and defend the American people, we should hold them to it? We should ensure their honesty by having them sign an agreement executed under perjury, that he/she will defend us from foreign and domestic enemies? Let’s face it if you study the immigration enforcement grading at NUMBERSUSA, a highly regarded pro-sovereignty website, you will observe Sen. Harry Reid has a C- ? He and Nancy Pelosi, Janet Napolitano, Sen.Chuck Schumer (F- ) Diane Feinstein ( F ) and countless others have used their political influence to under fund, create obstacles and otherwise use Senate-House laws to collapse any worthwhile enforcement laws such as 287 G and the No-Match letter? Ask yourself? What do these politicians have to gain from keeping our border fence wide open? Even the church is approving the BLANKET AMNESTY, when the 1986 was just a facade of fraud. Perhaps the churches would like to open their coffers, homes and bring in illegal alien families to squat there, instead of dumping it in the lap of the taxpayers yet again? My Baptist church has very few passionate people, when it means feeding their own families?

    Just type into Google each name followed by illegal immigration as many are brought and sold once they get to Washington, as out from the sleazy woodwork comes the lobbyists with bags of money. For an example type in Pelosi–illegal immigration–corruption. One headline reads–NANCY PELOSI CULTURE OF CORRUPTION! Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein Appropriated Federal Funds for San Francisco DA’s Program that Expunged & Kept Illegal’s Criminal Records from the Feds: The diseased lists of political sleaze goes on and on. The rumors that Pelosi has vineyards in Central California have an abundant illegal alien labor? If you really want to know the–TRUTH–about the next path to citizenship for the 20 to 30 million foreign nationals, just surf the net.

    GOOGLE–JUDICIAL WATCH and learn what your financial future has in store for you. Ordinary people have been crippled by financing illegal immigration? That’s right! They bleed you for more and more taxes to supplement the poorly paid income of illegal workers? Remember it’s not the US government who pays for free health care, education for the millions of illegal kids brought over here. Removing the chance of a decent education for our kids? It’s the US taxpayer who can hardly afford to balance their own budgetary needs. The only people who benefit from cut rate labor are the dishonest business owners. That’s why we need mandatory E-Verify, to disrupt their hiring of cheap labor. Even our kids cannot get summer jobs any more, because fast food employers hire illegal workers?

    If American workers don’t get organized and run these political renegades out of town, we will have a BLANKET AMNESTY to deal with. We can stop this travesty by holding their feet to fire at 202-224-3121 and yelling they will not be reelected.


    Today, Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) will be offering an amendment to the Commerce, Justice, and Science appropriations bill that would require the U.S. Census Bureau to add questions regarding immigration & citizenship status to the 2010 decennial census. If these questions are not asked it is certain that illegal aliens will be counted in the census and states will lose/gain Congressional seats (and electoral college votes) due to this counting of illegal aliens.DEMAND FROM YOUR SENATORS THAT SEN. VITTERS’ AMENDMENT BE INCLUDED.

  4. Carlos says:

    If our elected “representatives”, both Representatives and Senators, both Republican and Democrat, were serious about stemming the influx of criminal aliens and ridding ourselves of the criminal aliens already here they could do it with a simple law making it illegal to hire undocumenteds and those with verifiably false identity papers, and fine them a minimum of $1,000/day FOR EVERY DAY THE CRIMINAL ALIENS HAD ALREADY BEEN WORKING, FOR EACH CRIMINAL ALIEN.

    The work pool would dry up, the guvmint would gain lots of spare change for their pet pork projects, and the criminal aliens would head back home (or to Canada, who apparently blesses them with much the same goodies package donkeys and Bush have so favored.)

    And the fines would pay for the enforcement, so no extra tax money would be needed.

    Best of all, all those jobs Americans “won’t do” would become available to those now unemployed, and all of a sudden Mr. Cool president would look like a genius for getting the unemployment rate to drop to about 1.5% in about a month. Such a deal for him.

  5. Kate says:

    Don’t you wish Carlos! If they would just enforce the laws that are on the books and fund the inspection of work records in suspect industries (they know where these illegals are working!) we could get a chunk of illegal sent home.

    Instead, they are weakening any law enforcement by underfunding and ignoring the problem. Core issue…the liberals need an underclass. This is sort of like creating a civil rights movement by painting people green and the say they need rights, too. The incumbents need warm bodies to vote for them and they have to come up with a method to insure they stay in power. To which I respond…ANYONE FOR TERM LIMITS?????

    It’s also been proven that the raising of the minimum wage has been a bad thing for young teens who want jobs….jobs have not been created for these kids….guess who is working those low paying jobs?