Tuesday Open Thread

Posted by: ST on October 20, 2009 at 12:48 pm

I’m still playing catch up from last week. Will check back in when I can.

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4 Responses to “Tuesday Open Thread”


  1. Lorica says:

    I do hope you are feeling better Dear. I was most certainly concerned for you last week.

    Meanwhile back home in Kinston N.C. you get the Justice Dept. telling the City Council that they MUST have partisan elections. WTH?!?!?!?!


    According to the article, the Justice Department ruled that party affiliations are needed in part to protect equal rights for black voters. The department determined that white voters in Kinston, N.C., would only cast their ballots for black candidates if they run as Democrats.

    See black folk, according to Holden, you are to stupid to vote without the party designation. They all might get tricked by some nasty Republican posing as a Democrat, just like Arlen Spector did for so many years.

    I sure can understand why Black Americans still vote for the Dem party. It’s all about knowing what’s best for them. – Lorica

  2. Neo says:

    Guess who’s under the ACORN …Thirty-eight forged or fraudulent ballots have been thrown out — enough votes, an election official admits, to likely have tipped the city council and county elections in November to the Democrats. Candidates would have been able to run both on the Democratic and Working Families Party lines in two weeks, and that could have given the Democrats in the general election.

    A special prosecutor is investigating the case and criminal charges are possible. New York State Supreme Court Judge Michael Lynch ruled that there were “significant election law violations that have compromised the rights of numerous voters and the integrity of the election process.”

  3. Great White Rat says:

    Lorica, it goes beyond that. Not only does Obama’s DOJ assume blacks are too stupid to vote intelligently unless they see party labels, but they assume white voters, especially white Democrats, are bigots.

    The Obama DOJ sees the voters this way:

    * Blacks are too stupid to understand the issues and vote for the candidate and not the party. We have most of them well-trained to mindlessly vote Democrat. But if we don’t point out who the Democrats are, they might actually pay attention to what the candidates say and vote for a Republican.

    * White Democrats are racists. If there’s a black candidate, they won’t vote for him unless we make it clear he’s a Democrat. In that case, they’ll vote for him since white Democrats are just as sheeplike as blacks.

    The most important thing to the DOJ is that the elections focus on parties, not issues or candidates.

  4. Brontefan says:

    President Obama singled out critics of the push for Chicago to host the 2016 Summer Olympics Tuesday night in New York City, saying it’s a sad thing when Americans can’t cheer their own country.

    After flying around the world APOLOGIZING for this country…this guy has nerve!! :((