Rep. Steve King (R-IA) speaks truth to NFL power

Via Noel Sheppard:

During Wednesday’s Congressional hearing about head injuries in football, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) ripped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over the decision to not allow conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to own a team when pop artists Fergie and Jennifer Lopez do.

Here’s a partial transcript:

I would ask Commissioner Goodell this question: Your position on owners having the right image, I would direct it to your statement on the 13th of October where you said, “I think it’s divisive comments are they not what the NFL is all about. I would not want to see those kinds of comments from people who are in responsible positions within the NFL. No, absolutely not.”

Now, I take you as a man of your word, but I would point out you have a couple of owners that have performed lyrics in songs that are far more offensive. In fact I don’t think that anything Rush Limbaugh said was offensive.

But, with Fergie and with J.Lo, they have between the two of them, alleged that the CIA are terrorists and liars, they’ve promoted sexual abuse of women, they’ve used the N-word, verbal pornography, recreational drug use, etc., and they are owners of the Dolphins. And it’s also ironic that Fergie was approved as an owner on the very day that you made your statement against Rush Limbaugh.


So, if you’re concerned about this, Mr. Goodell, then I’d ask you are you prepared to level the same charges against Fergie and J-Lo, or are you prepared to apologize to Rush Limbaugh today?

He also brought to Goodell’s attention the fact that the quotes used against Rush during the “debate” over whether or not it was a good idea for him to be an NFL team owner were fabricated.

Goodell’s response:

Not surprisingly, Goodell had no worthwhile response for the Congressman. Quite the contrary, he told King, “I’m not shining any kind of a light on Rush Limbaugh here. I’m not an expert on his, on all of his quotes.”

Then how did he conclude Limbaugh didn’t warrant ownership? On exactly what did he base his decision that Limbaugh had made “divisive comments?”

As no logical answer appeared forthcoming, King said he would provide Goodell with details about Fergie and J-Lo’s offensive lyrics, and asked the Commissioner to come back and address them.

Lame-o, shame-o.

Here’s the video:

If you’d like to thank King for challenging Goodell, click here.



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