Rep. Steve King (R-IA) speaks truth to NFL power

Posted by: ST on October 29, 2009 at 11:19 am

Via Noel Sheppard:

During Wednesday’s Congressional hearing about head injuries in football, Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) ripped NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell over the decision to not allow conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh to own a team when pop artists Fergie and Jennifer Lopez do.

Here’s a partial transcript:

I would ask Commissioner Goodell this question: Your position on owners having the right image, I would direct it to your statement on the 13th of October where you said, “I think it’s divisive comments are they not what the NFL is all about. I would not want to see those kinds of comments from people who are in responsible positions within the NFL. No, absolutely not.”

Now, I take you as a man of your word, but I would point out you have a couple of owners that have performed lyrics in songs that are far more offensive. In fact I don’t think that anything Rush Limbaugh said was offensive.

But, with Fergie and with J.Lo, they have between the two of them, alleged that the CIA are terrorists and liars, they’ve promoted sexual abuse of women, they’ve used the N-word, verbal pornography, recreational drug use, etc., and they are owners of the Dolphins. And it’s also ironic that Fergie was approved as an owner on the very day that you made your statement against Rush Limbaugh.


So, if you’re concerned about this, Mr. Goodell, then I’d ask you are you prepared to level the same charges against Fergie and J-Lo, or are you prepared to apologize to Rush Limbaugh today?

He also brought to Goodell’s attention the fact that the quotes used against Rush during the “debate” over whether or not it was a good idea for him to be an NFL team owner were fabricated.

Goodell’s response:

Not surprisingly, Goodell had no worthwhile response for the Congressman. Quite the contrary, he told King, “I’m not shining any kind of a light on Rush Limbaugh here. I’m not an expert on his, on all of his quotes.”

Then how did he conclude Limbaugh didn’t warrant ownership? On exactly what did he base his decision that Limbaugh had made “divisive comments?”

As no logical answer appeared forthcoming, King said he would provide Goodell with details about Fergie and J-Lo’s offensive lyrics, and asked the Commissioner to come back and address them.

Lame-o, shame-o.

Here’s the video:

If you’d like to thank King for challenging Goodell, click here.



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9 Responses to “Rep. Steve King (R-IA) speaks truth to NFL power”


  1. Carlos says:

    Since when do facts have anything to do with decisions made by power structures? NFL, MLB, NBA, Government (any level), major corporations, etc.?

    The government, especially now with Duh-1 in power, is of course the worst offender, but any time a bureaucracy is involved with “the truth” salt licks by the truckload are needed.

  2. nina says:

    Don’t watch the NFL . It’s a bunch of thugs with helmets.

  3. Kate says:

    And how about those SALARIES….for getting slammed in the head and causing head trauma?? Those owners make way too much money, but of course, to the DUH-1 crowd these valiant gridiron heroes and their courageous owners are providing a much needed service to the public…never mind the price of a ticket to an NFL, MLB, NHL or NBA game? Can’t afford to go…get Direct/Dish whatever and watch every game. Yeah, these games are for the every man….of course, since men have suffered more job losses than women they have more free time to watch. I guess they are really concerned that these players don’t lose their jobs…but who is going to pay when we all go bust.

    Let’s talk about their benefits package….health care….they got trainers and are treated like the commodities they are….valuable to keep healthy and pounding the turf. Yeah, that’s really a very important part of our economy.

    Rah-Rah Goodell

  4. Brontefan says:

    If the criteria for ownership of NFL teams is one cannot be a fiscal conservative. . . that should be made public. The bogus reasons for blocking Limbaugh are insulting and definitely have given the American public the impression that the NFL Commission has their own agends!

  5. Lorica says:

    I agree with Kate. If the Pay Czar wants to look into the pay of CEOs, why doesn’t he check into the pay of these players, and movie stars while he is at it. Why should we have to pay 10.00 a ticket because some actor/actress wants 20 mil a movie. I have only been to 1 football game in my life, went down to New Orleans the year before Katrina hit and watched the Saints lose to the Buccs. LOL :) What a game. They certainly aren’t that team this year. LOL :) I won’t go to movies unless it is a matinee, I will spend 6 bucks but I ain’t spending 10. – Lorica

  6. alchemist says:

    I think the NFL has one major objective right now: Avoid controversy during game coverage (especially political controversy).

    And this fits with most football fans I know. They don’t want to talk about Obama, race, money or Health Care. They just want to have a beer and enjoy the game.

    Limbaugh had his chance in get into the NFL, and ruined it with the whole McNabb “controversy”. I agree that it was overhyped, but it created a brief (but intense) firestorm between media, players and owners. It’s the type of thing the NFL is trying hard to avoid.

    You’ve noted other controversial owners and announcers (Olbermann) over the last few weeks. I think the big difference is that so far those controversies have not been associated with the NFL. For example, Serena’s outburst should be call for dismissal. However, as long as it’s not associated with the NFL (or appears in NFL coverage), I don’t think they’re going to act.

    I actually think it’s a shame, I would like to have seen a Limbaugh-owned team. When sports & politics intersect, strange things happen.

  7. Kate says:

    Alchemist, it wasn’t the Donovan McNabb controversy, it was the fabricated tales of a few liberal football players. Rush made his comments years ago…and you know what, I agreed with him and I was a fan of the Eagles until they decided to allow dog slayers to play…most of the Eagle fans here who have a thinking brain agreed.

    The real silly thing is that Limbaugh would only be part of a group of investors not a sole owner.

    Some people are just too big for their britches in the NFL…

  8. John says:

    God Bless You for speaking the Truth For Mr. Rush Limbaugh.This Guy loves this Country, and has tons of Minority Friends that he Loves.
    God Bless America and Israel