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November 7, 2009

Health care “reform” goes to vote in the House (UPDATE 2: BILL SQUEAKS BY HOUSE 220-215)

After an appearance by our celebrity President earlier today and intense lobbying efforts by his admininstration, the House will vote later today on the mammoth health care “reform” bill that has become the centerpiece of President Obama’s first year agenda. Do Democrats have the votes? Maybe, but on the Republican side of things the GOP is telling MSM outlets that not a single one of the 177 Republicans in the House will vote for this pro-abortion, pro-big government, pro-illegal immigrant coverage, anti-patient “health care” bill. Bravo. Up to 40 House Dems can “defect” from this bill without it hurting PelosiCo’s efforts in getting it passed. Here’s a list of Democrats who are on the fence. USA Today’s On Politics blog has more on the fencesitters, some of whom are first termers who represent districts McCain won last year......   [Read More]