Virtual Birthday Partay Open Thread

Holding on … to …. my … thirties … as long as I … can …


14 thoughts on “Virtual Birthday Partay Open Thread

  1. A Great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ya’ Sister! and many more! Hey, it’s not the age that matters, it’s how you feel! Hope you are feeling like ya’ did at 22!

    LOVE, Kate:x

  2. Happy, HAPPY Birthday, ST. And thanks for all you do on here for us. Keep up the good work, and may this coming year be one of your best!!!


  3. Happy Birthday, you young kid!! :x

    You’re not ancient until you THINK you are. Some people are over the hill at 25. Some are still young imps at 80.

    You? You’re not even close. See the picture at the top of the blog? That’s what you ARE. >:d<

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  5. Awwwww Happy Birthday Dear!!! >:d< You will always be special to us here no matter how old you are. @};-@};-@};-@};-@};- Also like a fine bottle of wine Dear you just get better with age. >:d< – Lorica

  6. Happy Birthday ST! I hope you have a great day. @};-

    Someone once told me you’re only as old as you feel. My reply was I didn’t think it was possible to be that old. Hope you feel young at heart forever.

  7. Happy BD, ST!

    Johnny Richards said it best, “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, when you’re young at heart, for as rich as you are, it’s much better by far, to be young at heart.

  8. WTH! Hold your 30’s? No way, I figured you for upper 20’s at best. No I’m not trying to brown nose. You don’t look 30ish. Happy Birthday ST! Hope your next year is great!

  9. Thank y’all, thank y’all very much! Relaxing tonight, then it’s out with mom and my sisters tomorrow for girls day, and then next Friday night – friends night out :D

  10. Happy Belated Virtual Birthday!

    This has to be said – a lot of 20/30 y.o. women both look (and act) like teenagers, which I find annoying. I think true hot begins at 40 – just look at Sarah Palin and others.

    As someone of the male persuasion within a stone’s throw of the big 5-0 I have notices that at some point women stop dressing to please others (torn jeans, hair like an unmade bed, dirty T-shirts) and start dressing to please themselves. That increases their Hot Quotient exponentially (as a mathematician I am qualified to say stuff like that).

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