24 – 1am til 2am open thread

It’s about that time …

Jack Bauer

6 thoughts on “24 – 1am til 2am open thread

  1. ….somehow I managed to NOT fall asleep during last night’s episode. Too much soap, not enough action. This is clearly not one of 24’s better seasons. (:|

  2. Got a little more interesting with the suicide bomber, but in the old days Jack would have put a bullet in his leg to stop him.

    All he did was yell “Don’t shoot him, he’s unarmed!”


  3. …listen, I spent a very loooong day (Monday) downtown at the courthouse and didn’t get released until after six p.m. by da judge (jury selection process). I was bone weary by the time I finally got home, but still made a Herculean effort to stay up and watch ’24.’

    I wuz robbed! >:p

  4. My son challenged me to watch 24 one time last year – Monday is formatted around what “…occurs between 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.” central.

  5. ST,

    I wish I was way behind on the seasons :) The series was much better back in the day. I think 3 was pretty subpar, but then it got back on track with 4 and 5 before beginning a downward slide with 6. I completely forgot to watch Monday.

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