Durbin: Healthcare premiums will go up. Obama: Healthcare premiums will go down.

Tom Elia tries to make sense of the conflicting messages coming from Democrats on healthcare premiums and weather or not they will go up or down when/if healthcare “reform” is officially shoved down our throats. God bless him.

The GOP should most definitely run an ad that shows side-by-side frames of Durbin’s and Obama’s respective remarks just to show the American people how one or the other is either lying through his teeth, or really doesn’t have a clue as to what’s in this monstrosity of a bill.

That’s ok, though – that’s why we should pass it, right? To find out what’s in it. 8-}

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VIDEO: Patrick Kennedy has a meltdown on the House floor

CBS’ Political Hotsheet reports:

Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-R.I.) railed against the Washington press corps today on the House floor for paying more attention to the likes of scandal-ridden Eric Massa than the war in Afghanistan.

“There’s two press people in this gallery,” Kennedy yelled during a debate over an anti-war resolution. “We’re talking about Eric Massa 24-7 on the TV, we’re talking about war and peace, $3 billion, 1,000 lives and no press? No press.”

“You want to know why the American public is fit?” he continued. “They’re fit because they’re not seeing their Congress do the work that they’re sent to do. It’s because the press, the press of the United States is not covering the most significant issue of national importance and that’s the laying of lives down in the nation for the service of our country. It’s despicable, the national press corps right now.”

The resolution in question is one sponsored by anti-war radical Rep. Dennis Kucinich in which the President would have to withdraw troops from Afghanistan within 30 days if “safety issues” were involved. Yeah, I know – but remember, this is Dennis Kucinich we’re talking about here.

Back to Kennedy, his meltdown is something you have to see to believe:

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He sort of has a point. The media coverage of Massa has indeed been over the top at times. But where have similar complaints from him been over the issue of healthcare “reform” taking precedence in the MSM over the war in Afghanistan? Answer: Nowhere, as he hasn’t complained about it at all, and we know why: because it not only was his dad’s pet issue but is also our fearless “leader’s” signature issue as well.

But, you know what? We can’t really blame the MSM for focusing on healthcare “reform” over all other issues – even MassaGate – especially when you consider that shoving healthcare “reform” down the throats of the American people has been Priority One in this administration from day one, even more important than (non-govt) job creation and, you guessed it, Afghanistan. Fortunately, the Prez. eventually ended up putting Afghanistan on the 1st-year priority list (somewhere in the top 10) but (non-govt) job creation? Not so much.

Anyway, so the next time the out-going Dem House rep from RI whines about press priorities, he ought to be a little more honest about what all it is they are talking about. It’s not just Massa, but healthcare “reform”, too – and he can thank his fellow Democrats in the House and Senate for it. Or, if not, he can call the Rahmbulance and ask to speak to the President himself.

Oh, that’s right. The words “Kennedy” and “honest” don’t belong in the same sentence together. My bad.

Robert Fibbs: WH really doesn’t care what Chief Justice Roberts thinks about SOTU dis

Surely you weren’t expecting any other type of response, were you?

Asked for comment, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said, “What is troubling is that this decision opened the floodgates for corporations and special interests to pour money into elections – drowning out the voices of average Americans.”

Gibbs continued, saying, “the President has long been committed to reducing the undue influence of special interests and their lobbyists over government. That is why he spoke out to condemn the decision and is working with Congress on a legislative response.”

LOL. The Liar In Chief has “long been committed” to no such thing (more here).

I should also note that it’s another dis on the SCOTUS to, as Gibbs did, completely ignore the content of what the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS actually said rather than to at least acknowledge respect for the court before launching into the tired, canned talking points about “special interest money.”

Of course, it should be noted that Roberts didn’t actually condemn criticism in and of itself coming from a President, but instead was talking about how it looked doing so in a setting that is normally supposed to be free from such cheap shots at the judiciary – cheap shots that can’t immediately be responded to in kind by the Justices. But why let a little thing like “the facts” get in the way of a good ol’ bogus rant against “special interests” by FibbsCo? 8-|

We’re not talking “low class” here. We’re talking no class. Whatsoever.

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Galaxy cluster

A composite x-ray image shows the galaxy cluster 1E 0657-56, also known as the 'Bullet Cluster.' Most of the matter in the clusters (blue) is clearly separate from the normal matter (pink), giving direct evidence that nearly all of the matter in the clusters is dark. REUTERS/NASA