Durbin: Healthcare premiums will go up. Obama: Healthcare premiums will go down.

Tom Elia tries to make sense of the conflicting messages coming from Democrats on healthcare premiums and weather or not they will go up or down when/if healthcare “reform” is officially shoved down our throats. God bless him.

The GOP should most definitely run an ad that shows side-by-side frames of Durbin’s and Obama’s respective remarks just to show the American people how one or the other is either lying through his teeth, or really doesn’t have a clue as to what’s in this monstrosity of a bill.

That’s ok, though – that’s why we should pass it, right? To find out what’s in it. 8-}

Via Ed Morrissey.

7 thoughts on “Durbin: Healthcare premiums will go up. Obama: Healthcare premiums will go down.

  1. Yeah….make sense out of anything that comes out of their mouths and I will give you a million dollars in taxpayer’s money because I am sure everyone in the USA wants to know what the heck is going on in Washington, DC!

  2. Who expected anything but backroom Chicago-style wheeling and dealing? Those with their hands out looking to ‘even scores’, ‘get one over on ‘whitey”, be compensated for things that may or may not have happened to ones ancestors and those just plain lazy who do not take advantage of educational opportunities, who breed indiscriminately and who don’t have the gumption or desire to work for a living are all for anything that comes out of Socialist Obama’s mouth-via-teleprompter. Those of us who actually work (and those currently fervently seeking employment but can’t find it) who are just trying to keep our heads above water, pay bills and eek out a living are generally against all of the redistribution of wealth programs. The problem is where the zombies (and union members) are still gung ho for Our Dear Leader. And trying to wake them out of their stupor is truly an effort in futility.

  3. Unfortunately Durbin talks about “next year’s premiums”… Obama never says WHEN these premiums will go down.

    He could definitely wiggle out of that one. He could say, well I meant in 4 years when the benefits actually start or in 10 years after it’s all “paid down”.

    He knows how to “not say things”.

  4. Up? Down? It’s hard to tell when it’s so dark because one’s head is so far up one’s backside opening.

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