24 – 3am til 4am open thread

13 minutes to go …

Jack Bauer

10 thoughts on “24 – 3am til 4am open thread

  1. I have enjoyed tonights and this years show more than the past few years. Still want to see Jack interrogate someone. So much more efficient and quicker than waterboarding.

  2. Crap, am I the only person left (with the possible exception of our hostess) who still watches this show? Then again, the night’s still young on the Left Coast. Hope springs eternal.

  3. I still think the writing on this series has gone downhill the last couple of years. Jack’s not beating the snot out of everyone and its focus is too much on the intelligence gathering rather than the action.

    The 3am show is FINALLY getting interesting after dragging on for the first few hours.

    I also agree with the Dana Walsh storyline getting tedious. It seems like the writers were just trying to fill some time with that.

    Still love the show, just disappointed lately.

  4. Ditto on the stupid Dana Walsh story line. I mean, come on, can CTU for once actually do some background checks on its employees? Last night’s episode was particularly good.. my main beef with this season has been the Dana Walsh nonsense. It reminds me of the constant Kim Bauer story lines of the past.

  5. (Edited – ST) I’m a 24 observer myself. Good comments. Keep THINKING guys, it’ll pay dividends!

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