Say, Mr. Obama? Would you please campaign for Democrats in my state?

Posted by: ST on March 15, 2010 at 8:59 pm

Because I’d like to see this happen over and over and over come November and beyond …

(via Jim Geraghty)

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8 Responses to “Say, Mr. Obama? Would you please campaign for Democrats in my state?”


  1. It’s a shame he’ll be out of office before Hagan is up again, though I’d be more than pleased if his highness would stump for Brad Miller. And Richard Burr – HA!

  2. neomom says:

    Amen! May Obama stump all over NC! :d

  3. camojack says:

    I hear that!!! :d

  4. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

    Let him keep campaigning for his party. The more he talks the bigger his web of deception becomes apparent. No one is buying his rhetoric anymore..anyone with a brain that is. He gives me agita, to say the least.

    He is so gung ho about anyone who promotes his agenda. Yet when real people are involved he doesn’t give two rat’s behinds. The Northeast is practically underwater and this butthead (I am SO keeping it clean) is campaigning for healthcare.

    P.S. Good Morning!

  5. CZ says:

    Love that Benny Hill background music. It would make a good replacement for Hail To The Chief for the next three years.

  6. Jo says:

    Let’s hope and pray this is what happens. I am still worried about all of the dearly departed who will still be voting, the bought out union members, the ‘poor’ miniorities who are going to get a further ride on the backs of working taxpayers, and all the venerated ancestors of ACORN members across the land.

    Remember, as we are seeing, if we can’t keep the power honestly, we’ll steal it, bribe it, buy it, and thwart every law in the land to get it. Is there hope? I am not sure. When the populace can vote itself a raise, it will.

  7. Carlos says:

    Oh, pleeze, pleeze, pleeze, Mr. Jackass, sir, come to Oregon and campaign for every darned one of your jackass bros and hos. We have a plethora of them (including guv Sleepy Ted) and we are in serious need of people who understand where taxes come from and that the basic idea isn’t to grow government but for government to GET OUT OF THE WAY! Pleeze come and campaign for these evil people.

  8. Kate says:

    I offer Mr. Teleprompter in Chief to come to the wonderful state of Pennsylvania and stump for good old Arlen Spector the democrat who was once a republican who was once a democrat. I am sure Sestak has a few choice words for you, too. Got any more plum jobs for him to keep him quiet while you run the pep rally?