VIDEO: One of the many reasons we should all dig Sen. Jim Inhofe

Responding to The Goracle’s claim in a Feb. 28th NYT opinion piece that climate skeptics were a part of a “criminal generation,” Inhofe gave a speech on the floor of the Senate yesterday blasting both Gore and other global warming alarmists on their repeated false claims on data and their routine demonization of anyone and everyone who disagrees with them. And he did it using a priceless Weekly Standard cover (via Ed Morrissey):

The above clip is a short version of the complete speech, which you can watch/listen to in its entirety – or read the transcript, if you prefer – here. This, from the transcript, is classic Inhofe:

As a private citizen, Mr. Gore asked not to have to disclose his income and assets, as he did– as I do, as others do in this Chamber in his years in Congress and the White House. When he left government in 2001, he listed assets of less than $2 million, including homes in suburban Washington and in Tennessee. Since then his net worth has skyrocketed, helped by timely investments in Apple and Google, profits from books and his movie, and the scores of speeches for which he can be paid more than $100,000 …..a speech. I suggest now that price may be going down a little bit for Al Gore.

Mr. Gore’s spokeswoman would not give a figure for his current net worth, but the scale of his wealth is evident in a single investment of $35 million in Capricorn Investment Group. …..

It goes on and on. I ask unanimous consent to submit the rest of this for the Record because it is pretty good reading.

“Marc Morano, a climate change skeptic who was recently a top aide to [me], Senator James M. Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, said that what he saw as Mr. Gore’s alarmism and occasional exaggerations distorted the debate and also served his personal financial interests.”

I say don’t feel sorry for Al Gore. He is doing fine right now.

LOL. Make sure to read/watch the whole thing.

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