Quote of the Day: Al Sharpton edition

Posted by: ST on March 22, 2010 at 7:59 pm

Via WC Varones:

To anyone who remains unconvinced that Obama is indeed a “Socialist”, just listen to one of the most prominent members of the Democrat Party, Al Sharpton. Today he told us flat-out

“The American public overwhelmingly voted for socialism when they elected President Obama.” -Al Sharpton 3/22/10


“I think that this began the transforming of the country the way the President had promised. This is what he ran on.” -Al Sharpton 3/22/10

Thankfully he’s admitting the truth. But what does it suggest for the near future, now that they’re not even hiding it anymore?


I should also note that Sharpton, a notorious and unapologetic race-baiter/hustler (more here), is now an ambassador of sorts for President Obama in an effort to “quiet” the concerns from some in the black community that Obama may not be “black enough”:

WASHINGTON—With his wavy bouffant and medallion necklaces, the Rev. Al Sharpton famously confronted government officials on behalf of black Americans. Now he has found a new role: telling black leaders to quiet their criticisms and give the government a chance.

President Barack Obama has turned to Mr. Sharpton in recent weeks to answer increasingly public criticism in the black community over his economic policy. Some black leaders are charging that the nation’s first African-American president has failed to help black communities hit hard by the downturn, leaving party strategists worried that black Democrats will become dispirited and skip November’s congressional elections.

Mr. Sharpton has emerged as an important part of the White House response. On his national radio program, he is directly rebutting the president’s critics, arguing that Mr. Obama is right to craft policies aimed at lifting all Americans rather than specifically targeting blacks. One recent on-air fight with Tavis Smiley, a prominent talk show host and Obama critic, grew so heated that it has created a small sensation among black leaders.

“The president does not need to get out there and do what we should be doing,” Mr. Sharpton told Mr. Smiley during the testy exchange. He argued that expecting Mr. Obama to become a “black exponent of black views” was “just stupid,” because it would create fodder for conservatives looking to defeat legislation that could ultimately help blacks.

In an interview, Mr. Sharpton added that it was a “double standard” for Mr. Smiley and other critics to expect more from a black president than they would demand of a white Democratic president.

Sharpton was singing a different tune back in 2007:

Activist Al Sharpton lit into presidential candidate Barack Obama on Monday, suggesting Obama shouldn’t take blacks’ support for granted.

“Why shouldn’t the black community ask questions? Are we now being told, ‘You all just shut up?'” Sharpton told a TV reporter from a New York CBS station.

“I’m not going to be cajoled or intimidated by any candidate,” said Sharpton, a New Yorker who ran for president in 2004.


The New York Post wrote that Sharpton, who has vied with Jesse Jackson to lead black Americans, is “terrified of being overshadowed by someone of Obama’s class and character.”

“It’s driving Al crazy that Obama is as impressive and popular as he is, and he’s not happy about it,” a black Democratic activist was quoted as saying.

A source reportedly close to Sharpton also said the New Yorker had wanted to run for president again in 2008, and Obama’s White House bid foiled him, according to the Post.

CNN reported at the time:

Sharpton said Obama called him to talk about the [NY Post] article Monday night, but he wasn’t available. He said he plans to call the Illinois Democrat back.

“I want to say to him he’s a very impressive candidate, he has a lot to offer, but he must answer substantive questions in his own African-American community as he does in other communities,” Sharpton said.

More from that NY Post piece, via Newsmax:

The Rev. Al Sharpton is working behind the scenes to sabotage the presidential hopes of Sen. Barack Obama.

“He’s saying that Obama never did anything for the community, never worked with anybody from the community, that nobody knows the people around him, that he’s a candidate driven by white leadership,” a prominent black activist told the New York Post.


At a major fund-raising event in New York on Friday night, “every prominent name in the black community, with the exception of elected officials and Al Sharpton, was part of it,” one Democratic official told the Post.

My, what a difference an election makes. Wonder what Sharpton is getting in return for biting his tongue? :-?

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  • 10 Responses to “Quote of the Day: Al Sharpton edition”


    1. Tex says:

      So the old cat’s out of the bag about Obama’s socialism? There’s a shocker! If Obama is using a social anarchist like Sharpton to provide cover for him that cannot be good. Would that be sort of like a Frank Nitti – Al Capone kind of thing?

    2. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

      Sharpton an Activist? Is that the PC term for ‘antagonist’?

    3. Kate says:

      Al will have trouble keeping in the background for long without something especially nice…hmmmmm, how about one of Charlie Rangel’s apartments in Harlem? or a nice vacation in that little hut on the island? Better yet…he’s give him his own little hut to keep him out of camera shot. Ship him to Haiti as a goodwill ambassador or something like that.

      But really who is shocked by his little revelation! They are now bold face socialists. I am waiting for the next shoe to drop…immigration and amnesty for illegals.

    4. Brontefan says:

      No one should be shocked! Those of us who did not rely on the Lame-stream media to vet the presidential candidate from Chicago—-already knew his associations with radicals, anti-Americans, and corrupt political venues. He is a Saul Alinsky fan. When in your adult history can you recall a time when Presidential cabinet posts were left vacant in lieu of czars? I hope they use the Al Sharpton clip during the election campaigns this fall.

    5. Tom TB says:

      I am one day older than Al Sharpton, and we grew up together (same era, never met the guy) in the same tri-state area. What I learned from “activists” “progressives” and “socialists”, is that they only know how to tear down what they believe to be the “establishment”, and don’t fit in when they have any power, and there’s no one else to blame. Alinsky never wrote a book about leadership.

    6. Kate says:

      Good point Tom….a lot of time chasing after power does not prepare you to be a leader. These are the scariest types because now that they hold power they have no compassion for anyone else. They grandstand about the poor and downtrodden while they kick people to the curb who do not go along with their programs.

    7. Samantha says:

      Amazing – And there STILL are people who don’t see it.

    8. ZippyTheWerewolf says:

      Excellent point Tom and very true. That type of person likes to also take advantage of whatever situation they can in the name of power, without regard to the consequences of their actions. They usually enjoy the chaos they create, feeding off of it. And, when the house of cards crumbles, they will be the first to lay the blame outside of themselves. Typical liberal idiocy.

    9. Carlos says:

      On what basis is Big Al called the “Reverend?” Far as I can see, being a Christian and a socialist cannot be done simultaneously, not if one is a Bible-believing Christian, because one cannot serve two masters.

      And it’s obvious that Big Al’s “master” is a socialist government/easy money.