Wednesday night chuckle: Tax cheat House rep. sends out … tax reminders to constituents

ST reader Leslie talks about a recent mailer he received from his Congressional rep:

I received a mailer from my Representative.

The handsomely printed brochure (in English and Spanish) reminds us on its graphically interesting (although there is perhaps a typeface or two too many) that we have until April 15 to file our taxes. And then urges us to “Look inside for ways to get money back.”

Then there is a tagline telling us that this is a “message from Congressman . . . representing New York’s 15th Congressional District.” To the immediate right is his picture. It depicts him with a few more pounds and a bit more hair than he currently sports.

I saw this and laughed. Why? You may well ask.

Well the Congressman in the picture, the very fellow who represents NY15, is none other than


Charles Rangel!

Heh. Priceless. Did you place it in File 13, Les? ;)

Rangel relaxes

Rangel naps at his 'tax-free' Dominican Republic hideaway. Please make sure to pay your taxes by April 15 to help fund more tropical getaways for this hardworking Congressman.
Photo via Splash News/Daily Beast

VIDEO: Robert Fibbs, David Axelturf compare longtime Senator John McCain to a child

ABC’s Jonathan Blakely reports:

When asked about the prospect of Sen. John McCain, R-Az, refusing to cooperate on future legislation because of his disapproval with health care reform recently being signed into law, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs stopped just short of comparing McCain – one of the oldest members in the U.S. Senate – to a child.

“The notion that you don’t get what you want, [so] you’re not going to cooperate on anything else is not a whole lot different than I might hear from a 6-year-old,” he said during a White House press briefing today. “It doesn’t work well for my six-year-old…I doubt it works well in the United States Senate.”

Here’s the video and transcript, via Mediaite:

Robert Gibbs: In terms of bipartisanship I would say that, as Karen mentioned this earlier, Senator Corker said there are Republicans that will support financial. reform

Helen Thomas: McCain says he’s going to oppose everything.

Gibbs: I find it curious that not getting your way on one thing means you’ve decided to take your toys and go home. I dont think — doesnt work well for my 6 year-old, I doubt it works well for the US Senate because we have issues that are important for his constituents and all for America. Look, again when it comes to financial reform people are going to have an opportunity to weigh in on behalf of the banks or on behalf of the consumers and I’ll let their vote on that dictate which side of that ledger they feel most comfortable on,

Chip Reid: Are you comparing John McCain to a six year-old?

Gibbs: I’m saying that I think the notion that if you don’t get what you want you’re not going to cooperate on anything else is not a whole lot different than I might you hear from a six year-old.

Jake Tapper: I think the argument is not that its the reconciliation process, its that the republicans have said, Lindsey Graham included as well, they’re saying that spoils the bipartisan atmosphere. It’s not, ‘not getting what you want.’

Gibbs: When reconciliation happened in 2001 with the Bush tax cuts I didn’t get the sense that it spoiled the ability for Congress to continue working together. I don’t see why that would happen now, unless people decided they were going to take their toys and go home.

Um, if I recall correctly, on the issue of financial reform, wasn’t it the Democrats who were “taking their toys and going home” in spite of the Bush administration’s effort to implement some type of substantial reform in order to prevent financial meltdowns like the one that happened in 2008? Why yes, I believe they did. Did they pay the political price for it? Hell no they didn’t.

Continuing on from the Blakely piece:

On Monday, McCain appeared on a local Arizona radio station, where he boldly stated that “there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year,” from Republicans as a result of how Democrats “poisoned the well,” by passing reform with no support from the other side of the aisle and using reconciliation rules – requiring only 51 votes, instead of the traditional 60 – to pass the “fixes” to the Senate bill.

This prompted White House senior adviser David Axelrod to also compare him to a child, in an interview with ABC News’ Jake Tapper, by joking that McCain’s stubbornness is “okay on the sandlot but [not] when you’re trying to govern a country.”

Oh, you mean like the “stubbornness” of an American President who made it clear he was hell-bent on passing some version of healthcare “reform” regardless of whether or not any Republicans in the House or Senate – including moderates – supported it, this in spite of his repeated pledges to “work in a bipartisan effort” on issues like tort reform, which never happened?

You know, you’d think people like Axelturf and Fibbs would know the difference between principled stands and outright petulance, considering Fibbs’ juvenile mocking of Sarah Palin during an official WH presser in which the President himself called for “bipartisanship” and an end to the “game-playing,” and considering President Obama’s Chief of Staff once sent a dead fish to a pollster, and on another occasion stabbed pictures of political enemies – Democrat and Republican alike – shortly after Bubba was elected President:

The best Rahm Emanuel story is not the one about the decomposing two-and-a-half-foot fish he sent to a pollster who displeased him. It is not about the time – the many times – that he hung up on political contributors in a Chicago mayor’s race, saying he was embarrassed to accept their $5,000 checks because they were $25,000 kind of guys. No, the definitive Rahm Emanuel story takes place in Little Rock, Ark., in the heady days after Bill Clinton was first elected President.

It was there that Emanuel, then Clinton’s chief fund-raiser, repaired with George Stephanopoulos, Mandy Grunwald and other aides to Doe’s, the campaign hangout. Revenge was heavy in the air as the group discussed the enemies – Democrats, Republicans, members of the press – who wronged them during the 1992 campaign. Clifford Jackson, the ex-friend of the President and peddler of the Clinton draft-dodging stories, was high on the list. So was William Donald Schaefer, then the Governor of Maryland and a Democrat who endorsed George Bush. Nathan Landow, the fund-raiser who backed the candidacy of Paul Tsongas, made it, too.

Suddenly Emanuel grabbed his steak knife and, as those who were there remember it, shouted out the name of another enemy, lifted the knife, then brought it down with full force into the table.

”Dead!” he screamed.

The group immediately joined in the cathartic release: ”Nat Landow! Dead! Cliff Jackson! Dead! Bill Schaefer! Dead!”

“Sandbox”? “Toys”? “Six-year-old”? These clowns have cornered the market on immaturity (not to mention arrogance) in government. And yet they have have the nerve to insult a veteran member of Congress who has worked more with the other side of the aisle (to the eternal irritation of many on the right) in the last 30 years than Rahmbo ever did while serving in the House, and most certainly more than Barack Obama ever did during his time as a state Senator and Illinois and during his brief stint as a junior US Senator?

Slugs. How dare they?

John Dingell exposed once again as a liar and govt control freak

From Paul W. Smith’s show on WJR in Detroit (via Ed Morrissey):


Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.

And in case anyone on the left thinks he was taken out of context, start at the 6:25 mark of this complete audio clip and you’ll see that he wasn’t. Rather revealing, isn’t it?

Not only were his comments on “controlling people” revolting, but he – like Obama and so many other Dems before him – lied through his teeth (in the audio link, not the YouTube abbreviated version) about Republican alternatives for healthcare “reform.” He suggested that Republicans had presented absolutely no alternatives to ObamaCare and had instead acted purely as obstructionists, which is a flat out lie. Not surprising, since he once accused opponents of ObamaCare as “reminding” him “of the KKK.” Suffice it to say that “truth” and “reality” are not part of this man’s vocabulary, nor are they hallmarks of his politicking style in the House.

Ed tries to make sense of Dingell’s remarks:

It may be the mother of all Freudian slips (which is itself a Freudian joke, if you didn’t catch it). “Control the people” could have one of two contexts here, of course; it could mean patient management, or it could be taken literally. It would take quite a while to “control” 300 million people in either sense of the phrase. Of course, in either sense, it’s one of the good reasons why the government shouldn’t be in the health-care business. The private sector is better designed to manage patients.

But of course, the private sector isn’t designed to “control the people” in the literal sense. You have to have government to do that, and people in charge who believe they should be in charge of “control[ling] the people” instead of supporting and defending the Constitution.

Yeah. Just like Dingell.

Here we go: MSM insinuates that all post-ObamaCare threats are the fault of right wingers

The Hill, Politico, and other mainstream media new outlets are on fire today about stories related to threats that lawmakers have received ever since the passage of ObamaCare on Sunday. Some of them are very scary, including this one:

Law enforcement authorities are investigating the discovery of a cut propane gas line at the Virginia home of Rep. Thomas Perriello’s (D-Va.) brother, whose address was targeted by tea party activists angry at the congressman’s vote for the health care bill.


The FBI would not disclose the details of the incident but said that they have been to the home.

“This is very preliminary at this point, so we’re not making any comment at this time,” local FBI spokesman M.A. Myers told POLITICO.

Lee Catlin, community relations director for the Albemarle County Fire Marshal, said in a statement to POLITICO that the office is “investigating a suspicious incident” at the home of the congressman’s brother. “The Fire Marshal’s Office is conducting the investigation in cooperation with the FBI,” Catlin said. “While officials are not willing to characterize the exact nature of the incident because of the ongoing investigation, it did not involve an immediate threat to occupants of the residence. However officials are taking the incident very seriously and conducting a vigorous investigation,” the statement said.

POLITICO reported on Monday that Mike Troxel, an organizer for the Lynchburg Tea Party, posted on his blog what he thought was the congressman’s address, encouraging tea party activists to “drop by.”

The address has since been posted on websites of at least one other local tea party activist.

It goes without saying that if what is alleged to have happened at Perriello’s home is true, then whoever did it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, whether it was a “Tea Partier” or whoever. I have decried in the past targeting politicos at their homes – no matter the party, unlike the far left, who make it a routine habit of posting the private contact info – including addresss of Republicans they don’t like in order for their side to stalk, harass, intimidate, and badger people with whom they have strong disagreements. And when it gets to the point of violence on either the right or left hand side of the aisle, I condemn it all the more.

Unfortunately for us, though, the MSM doesn’t seem too concerned when the threats come from left wingers, as demonstrated by this CBS News piece on what Bart Stupak has faced since he flip-flopped and voted for ObamaCare:

In the wake of his vote in favor of health care reform legislation, Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.), a strong opponent of abortion rights, has been on the receiving end of a string of extremely hostile and threatening messages, including death threats.

Stupak’s office released some of those messages to CBS News, and you can listen to them in the video at left, which is also available here.

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said today that more than 10 members of Congress have received threats in the wake of the health reform vote, and the FBI and police are investigating, CBS News Capitol Hill Producer Jill Jackson reports. The chief of the Capitol Police, the Sergeant at Arms and a representative from the FBI met with members this afternoon to encourage them to report all threats.

While the Capitol Police is in charge of security for members of Congress, the FBI is the lead agency in investigating threats against members and their families.

“All threats and incidents directed against Members of Congress are taken seriously and are being investigated by the FBI, U.S. Capitol Police and other law enforcement agencies to identify and bring to justice those responsible,” FBI Public Information Officer Katherine Schweit said in a statement. “Anyone with information about those who may be responsible or are connected to these incidents should contact their local FBI office or police department.”

The calls placed to Stupak’s office reveal the extreme anger members of Congress are facing.

“Congressman Stupak, you baby-killing mother f***er… I hope you bleed out your a**, got cancer and die, you mother f***er,” one man says in a message to Stupak.

“There are millions of people across the country who wish you ill,” a woman says in a voicemail, “and all of those thoughts that are projected on you will materialize into something that’s not very good for you.”

CBS News also obtained copies of faxes sent to Stupak, which include racial epithets used in reference to President Obama and show pictures of nooses with Stupak’s name.

When the House was first considering health care legislation, Stupak led the fight to insert stringent abortion coverage restrictions into the Democrats’ health care bill in the House. Last week, however, he agreed to support the Senate version of the bill, despite his objections to its language on abortion.

Stupak negotiated with Democratic leaders over the abortion language until the eleventh hour, finally agreeing to support the legislation when President Obama agreed to sign an executive order reaffirming the existing ban on federal dollars being spent on abortion.

Anti-abortion rights activists and Republicans said an executive order was not good enough since it can easily be reversed. Democrats, by contrast, maintain that the original Senate language did not allow taxpayer money to go to abortion.

Stupak said last week his life had become a “living hell” because of the onslaught of threatening messages he has received. Numerous other congressmen who backed the bill also report receiving threatening messages and seeing violent actions from citizens.

The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack, no stranger to left wing violence himself, makes an excellent point here:

Yes, threats are despicable and should be denounced by all. But wouldn’t it have been nice if CBS had informed readers that the “onslaught of threatening messages” he received last week were from those who supported the health care bill? Isn’t it odd that CBS didn’t cover this story last week?

Indeed. When Stupak was “anti” the bill, just what types of calls and threats was he receiving? Isn’t that worth looking into? Apparently not to the liberals at CBS.

Not only that, but remember: It’s not just Republicans who hate this bill. There were many on the left who hated it because they didn’t think it went far enough. NOW, for example, was outraged over the meaningless EO Obama promised Stupak (which Obama signed today without fanfare). Unions are angry at the Democrat no votes on ObamaCare, and we know very well what some of the more radical union members will do when they’re upset. In fact, even though the AFL-CIO ended up endorsing ObamaCare, many union members still had “Cadillac tax concerns” with the bill – concerns which kept them from endorsing it until the 11th hour.

Many folks have an axe to grind over this bill, and it’s not just “Reich wingers.” But you wouldn’t know that if you only listened to the media spin on these stories. They – in concert with Democrats in Washington, DC and in the blogosphere – know that if they can unfairly demonize all the opposition to Obama and his agenda then they can win the “message battle,” and that Obama effectively would be able to do pretty much whatever he wants, because people who don’t know any better would just chalk all opposition up as nothing more than crazy rantings from “right wing racists,” etc. Which is pretty close to being as despicable as the use of violence itself to get a point across, because both are detestable ways at attempting to silence the opposition by any means necessary (a retrospective on the left’s “tolerance” for free speech can be found here) – a vile tactic that is about as unAmerican as you can get.

CBS again demonstrated their ability to smoothly fear without evidence once again with the following reporting later in in the same piece:

At least one congressman, Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) is trying to use the hostile incidents to rally his supporters. Anti-reform protesters yelled gay slurs at the openly-gay congressman last weekend, as well as racial slurs at some black members of Congress.

Note the word “allegedly” is no where to be found in this piece. The accusations of the Congressmembers in question are taken at face value, even though they have no proof to support any allegations of supposed racial/anti-gay chanting that took place this past weekend. In fact, a video has been posted online of when Frank, Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN) Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and others were being escorted through the crowd and you don’t hear any racial/anti-gay chanting at all in the video clip, but you do hear a lot of “Kill the Bill” chants. At most, they might have heard one or two anti-black/gay slurs, but it doesn’t appear to be as widespread as it’s being made out to be.

Not surprising, of course, since Democrats used most of last year to accuse any and all opponents of President Obama’s agenda of racism, taking the words and actions of a tiny few and broad brushing everyone opposed to his radical ideas.

In any event, this is just the same sh** different day from the MSM, most of who are loathe to report left wing threats against right wingers even under a Republican administration, as we saw with Bush. Apparently it’s only left wing politicos whose lives are worth protecting – along with their agendas.

Update 1 – 10:21 PM: Mithridate Ombud at Newsbusters has an absolute must-read on the issue of political violence: The Media’s Myth of Right Wing Violence. If you read nothing else tonight, please read that.

Update 2 – 10:47 PM: And a reader reminds me of the bomb threats at Senator Jim Bunning’s Kentucky offices received during the standoff earlier this month between him and the Senate on unemployment benefits and how Congress was going to pay for a thirty day extension. The MSM was where on this disturbing story again? 8-|