24 – 5am til 6am open thread

Whoops – sorry! Forgot to start the open thread for tonight’s show. I’m sure you’ve already heard the news that this will be the last season for 24. There are even hints that a 24 movie is in the cards. What do you think?

Jack Bauer

5 thoughts on “24 – 5am til 6am open thread

  1. Why is it that there is always a rogue middle management guy in “24” who will bet the farm while breaking the law even more than Jack ?

  2. I also heard there might be a spin-off, which doesn’t really make a lot of sense if ratings are down that bad. Then again, a movie doesn’t make any sense either.

    This was a great show which suffered from an unwillingness to move past the same formula, year after year. That was understandable for a while. You know, don’t mess with success. But after so long you would think they would have seen it was time to try something different.

  3. Last season’s plot that had an attack on the White House with the ultimate capture of the President seemed interesting, but when it was then revealed the purpose of the attack was to make the President respect these foreigners, it strained believability.

    A suicide attack to make the President look silly. How silly. Do the writers read their own stuff ?

  4. My hope is that the final episode is Renee Walker telling Jack that Garofalo’s character was the one who caused every season’s problems; the ultimate mole for each terrorist group he had to fight since ’24’ began…
    then for a half hour we get to watch Jack “take out the trash” so-to-speak.

  5. Well the show is a victim of its own success. Three seasons was probably the limit, but Hollywood TV types really beat a dead horse. Look at Law and Order…ad nauseum. The show itself is mundane, the actors make it what it is. They rip story line directly from the news. (sound familiar?)

    24 was imaginative and daring at a time when people wanted to see something spectacular and a bit uplifting. The story lines now are muddled and too PC. Sorry Jack but it’s way past time to go…

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