About that Dem accusation on GOP “target” maps …

Oh, so you say that Democrats have online maps with bullseyes/”gun sights” on GOP candidate/state targets, too? Game, set, match: Verum Serum.

Does this mean they’re ‘inciting violence‘ as well? :-?

And while we’re on the topic of political violence (imagined or real), make sure to watch Bill O’Reilly’s segment on how the media ignores left wing violence while magnifying violence on the right to be more widespread than what it actually is. Victor Davis Hanson also has a good smackdown of media double standards on a whole host of issues, including incidents of political violence, here. And a video trip down memory lane on left wing hatred during the Bush years can be viewed here.

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5 thoughts on “About that Dem accusation on GOP “target” maps …

  1. Well, ya see there, ST, it’s just that yer so backwerds an’ all that ya cain’t see the nuances in the jackass bullseyes. It, after all, is simply a matter of intellectually looking at the same picture and being able to see that those bullseyes are not really targets but areas of concern where violence might break out if Republicans continue to hold those areas.

    They are, after all, a violent breed, those Republicans.

  2. Libtards have no intention of being honest.
    The difference between Conservatives and Liberals is that liberals lie to gain power. Conservatives tell the truth.

  3. Yes they are targets or cross hairs of a rifle site, so the next question is who needs ammunition when the left is seriously shooting itself in the foot every day?

    Liberalism is a disease….it’s the mad cow disease of the elite.

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