Open Thread/Caption This: Obama/Sarko edition

Have at it, y’all:

Obama and Sarko

First names only, floods of compliments and a shared weakness for hot dogs: Barack Obama(R) and Nicolas Sarkozy put on an elaborate show this week to quash talk of bad chemistry between the leaders of France and the United States.
(AFP/Saul Loeb)

16 thoughts on “Open Thread/Caption This: Obama/Sarko edition

  1. Get to the laptop STAT! I heard ST has a new post up!

    (/shameless pandering to the hostess) ;)

  2. This is no drill: someone over at Commerce has confirmed that they finally found a job that was saved or created by the stimulus. I repeat – this is no drill.

    (Thus ends this thread hijack by Mwalimu Daudi)

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