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24/NCAA championship basketball game open thread (UPDATE: THE OBAMA CURSE IS OVER – SORTA!)

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I’ll be slightly preoccupied with watching the NCAA championship basketball game tonight. Doubt I’ll be around much, if any, as I have a hard enough time breathing let alone typing when Duke is in a game like this. Deep breaths! Deep breaths! Update – 11:54 PM: It’s ovah, and my boys won a hard fought […]


Oh dear – Has Obama cursed Duke by picking them to win tonight?

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Say it ain’t so! This summery, sports-drenched day will be capped off by the finals of the NCAA basketball championship. Will POTUS be watching? “Absolutely,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs. In the announcers’ box after his first pitch, Obama predicted a victory for Duke University, though he added that underdog Butler University is […]


VIDEO: President Obama throws the first pitch at Nationals’ home opener – AP spins

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Continuing a 100 year Presidential tradition: WASHINGTON — A hundred years after President William Howard Taft started a baseball tradition with a low ceremonial first pitch, President Barack Obama went in the other direction Monday, sailing a high, wide toss at the Washington Nationals’ home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies. Just as Taft’s toss forced […]



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Kagan, Judges Said to Be Considered for Supreme Court Vacancy



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Meg Whitman’s deep pockets put her ahead of Jerry Brown



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U.S. Consulate in Pakistan Is Attacked by Militants



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Earthquakes rattle [southern] Pacific Coast



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Jobless rate may rise as many are drawn back to labor force


Another MSM/Dem myth busted

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Both The Hill and Gallup report this morning some interesting demographics on the Tea Party movement that are at odds with how Democrats and their allies in the MSM have portrayed them. First, from The Hill (via Memeorandum): Four in 10 Tea Party members are either Democrats or Independents, according to a new national survey. […]