Oh dear – Has Obama cursed Duke by picking them to win tonight?

Say it ain’t so!

This summery, sports-drenched day will be capped off by the finals of the NCAA basketball championship. Will POTUS be watching? “Absolutely,” said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

In the announcers’ box after his first pitch, Obama predicted a victory for Duke University, though he added that underdog Butler University is a “great story.” Predicting Duke was certainly the safe answer. His personal aide, Reggie Love, played on Duke’s 2001 championship team.

“I can’t imagine what Reggie Love is going to be like if Duke wins tonight,” Mr. Gibbs said. “This building and this complex will not be big enough for Reggie’s exuberance and the rest of us to coincide in the same place.”

Props to Love for playing for a great basketball program like Duke’s, but dang, couldn’t his boss have stayed quiet on who he thought was going to win? After all, last I checked, the dreaded Obama Curse is still in effect:

Obama campaigns for Creigh Deeds: He lost.
Obama campaigns for Jon Corzine: Another loss.
Obama campaigns for the Chicago Olympics: Out in the first round of voting.
Obama campaigns for Martha Coakley: Epic fail.
Obama lobbies hard for health care: It’s now in a dangerously deep coma

Last night, Kentucky’s basketball team, #1 in the nation with a 19-0 record, gets a phone call from President Obama before the game. What happened? You guessed it, Kentucky lost to a mediocre South Carolina team.

Now, Doug Powers wrote that back in January (and no, I haven’t forgotten that ObamaCare came out of that coma – with a lot of palm greasing and federal tax $$$ changing hands behind the scenes), but if you take a look at Obama’s men’s basketball bracket, he, er, didn’t do too well with his picks. Granted, there were a lot of upsets and surprises, but still – as a Duke fan I’m feeling really uncomfortable now that I know he’s picked the Devils to win tonight. :-ss

I think it’ll be a good game and that Butler is a strong team that a lot of people are misunderestimating right now, but in the end, let’s hope the curse is lifted and that, in spite of Butler being a clear hometown/underdog favorite, Zoubs and Company bring home NCAA championship number four tonight! [-o<

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