Viral Video: Rep. Thad McCotter (R-MI) explains “Democrat speak”

This video has actually been around for a couple of years now, but I just caught wind of it via The Right Scoop. It’s absolutely priceless – and right on the mark (hat tip: kedder):

Make sure to share that video with as many friends as you can. It’s just as true – perhaps even more so – about Democrats today as it was when he talked about it on the floor of the House in 2008.

Come to think of it, I’m shocked that some enterprising individual hasn’t made a thorough dictionary of “Democrat speak” to sell to the public. It would sure make our jobs as political junkies a whole lot easier if we didn’t have to explain the meaning behind the left’s double speak all the time to those who don’t follow politics closely. :D

Liberal “Asian-American” groups upset with DCCC over support of white candidate in Hawaii

Via Ben Smith:

Asian-American Democrats are criticizing the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for favoring a white former congressman from Hawaii over the Asian-American State Senate President in a hotly contested special election to represent a majority-minority Hawaii district.

“The DCCC should focus the party on uniting Democrats and keeping this seat blue rather than dividing us and helping us defeat ourselves. It is unseemly for party officials to step into a special election with more than one Democrat, particularly in a district where 58 percent of the population is Asian Pacific American,” says the Asian American Action Fund executive director Gautam Dutta in a statement, provided to POLITICO, that’s likely to be the first shot in a campaign to resist DCCC’s efforts.

“Imagine the disgruntled reaction were the DCCC to step into a contested special election in a predominantly African-American or Latino district,” Dutta pointedly added.

Viewing Case as the stronger candidate, the DCCC is reportedly quietly siding with former Rep. Ed Case over state Sen. Colleen Hanabusa in a nonpartisan election that also features a strong Republican candidate. But Hanabusa is also the more liberal politician, and the race is drawing comparisons from some on the left to the upstate New York congressional election that divided the Republican Party last year, and the issue of race adds another explosive element to the mix. Case, whose wife is Asian-American, has always been popular among Asian-American constituents, but the increasingly organized national Asian-American political class has long felt slighted by Democrats.

“We believe [Hanabusa] is an outstanding candidate who has already broken racial barriers, just like President Obama, by becoming the first Asian Pacific American female to ever preside over a legislative body in the United States […]”

It’s interesting that Politico points out that Hanabusa “is the more liberal politician” when it doesn’t appear that who is the more liberal is the biggest issue. The biggest issue is – surprise – identity politics. Anyone believe these groups would be complaining about the DCCC “interferring” if they were supporting Hanabusa instead? I didn’t think so.

Just like all too many liberal black politicos (like my own Congressional “representative” Mel Watt) and prominent black Democrats like Jackson/Sharpton who feel similarly about black Democrats in competitve primaries and elections, liberal Asian-American groups apparently think that when it comes down to it, when you have a choice between an Asian-American Dem and a Dem who is not Asian-American, you should choose the Asian-American. Oh, and bonus points if the A-A happens to be a woman. That way, they get to play both the race and female cards. Would be a triple bonus for the race/identity politics-obsessed if Hanabusa was a lesbian, too.

The DCCC is getting hoisted by their own petard. So amusing to watch.

Newsbusters rips WaPo a new one for frenzied McDonnell coverage

Candace Moore reports on the WaPo’s seeming campaign to oust Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell by blasting him and his administration with a staggering amount of negative stories/hit pieces in the span of one day:

The national media are outraged this week by an announcement from Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell to observe April as Confederate History Month.

Several news outlets have jumped on the story, but the most energetic complaints came from the Washington Post, which published more than half a dozen pieces in the same day.

At this point it’s safe to say the Post suffers from McDonnell Derangement Syndrome.

During last year’s campaign, the Post enthusiastically endorsed his Democrat challenger, went into overdrive to push a faux-scandal that backfired rather epically, and then, upon McDonnell winning, immediately set to work undermining him with demands for higher taxes.

Some six months later, the animosity lives on as McDonnell tries to shore up Virginia’s economy by emphasizing its historical significance. Observe this entry Wednesday at the paper’s official Post Partisan blog by one Jonathan Capehart, with the not-so-subtle headline “Gov. McDonnell (R-Va.): Slave to the Confederacy”:

As they say, read the whole thing to find out just how much the Washington Post clearly despises Gov. McDonnell.

Of course, he was going to take a major amount of heat – some of it deserved – for what he did. That sort of goes for the territory, especially for Republicans in Southern states. That being said, the bias on display at one of the nation’s leading newspapers against McDonnell is disturbing to say the least, and calls into question whether or not the paper is interested in a fair and balanced discussion of the issue. Doesn’t sound like it.

But then again, considering this is the paper that hounded former Senator George Allen relentlessly over his “macaca” comments (and even went so far as to attack Allen’s Jewish ancestry) while at the same time giving glowing coverage to his opponent Democrat Jim Webb, we really shouldn’t be surprised about how the WaPo has targeted McDonnell. Some have even argued that the WaPo’s one-sided coverage of the Allen/Webb race was what ultimately tipped the balance of the US Senate back to the Democrats.

The WaPo reminds me more and more of the Wall Street Journal every day. While their editorial page is fair and balanced, other sections of the paper/website clearly are not.

And speaking of Senator Webb, isn’t it very interesting that the same race-hustlers/baiters/reverse racists/MSM’rs jumping all over McDonnell today are the same ones who essentially gave Webb a pass during his Senate run in spite of the fact that Webb’s “rebel roots” run deep – something that was a well-kept/known open secret during his 2006 Senatorial run? I mean, Webb wasn’t just a casual Confederacy buff. Writing about it and defending the South has practially been a life’s work for him. Yet the WaPo didn’t see fit to explore this to any significant degree?

Curious, that.

On the face of it, there’s nothing wrong with having an affinity for the Civil War and the Confederacy, provided it’s not because you’re secretly wishing we could return to slavery. But there is something wrong when a major newspaper not only displays double standards on the issue but actively campaigns against any politico with which it dislikes, both of which the Washington Post obviously has done. Does this concern you? If so, let them know what you think.