Was Donny Deutsch kicked off of MSDNC because he upset KeithO?

Sure as heck sounds like it:

“A week-long anchoring stint on MSNBC by Donny Deutsch ended abruptly on Wednesday,” writes the New York Times‘ Brian Stelter,” after “Mr. Olbermann was shown briefly in a series of clips of media bloviators during a segment that pondered what role the media plays in fomenting the public’s anger.”

While no one at MSNBC would go on the record for fear of getting fired by Mr. Olbermann, Stelter reports that “the four people briefed on MSNBC’s decision said Mr. Olbermann’s anger about the segment prompted the cancellation of the weeklong ‘America the Angry’ series.”

Scott Whitlock at Newsbusters has the transcript and video of the segment in question. It’s interesting when you watch the segment and read the transcript, because Deutsch, while not expressly defending the Olbermanns and (Ed) Schultzes of the world (at least not until towards the end of the segment), takes guest Hugh Hewitt to task for the way he talks about them – chiefly, Ed Schultz.

Whitlock also notes:

However, in February, when Deutsch dismissed Hispanic senatorial hopeful Marco Rubio as a “coconut,” a term that the New York Times described as meaning “brown on the outside and white on the inside,” MSNBC took no action.


Deutsch ultimately apologized for referring to the Hispanic Rubio as a “coconut.” However, the host certainly got in nowhere near the trouble that he did for daring to challenge MSNBC’s liberal left-wing heavyweights.

Now there’s a shocker.

Olberpunk is denying he had anything to do with Deutsch being kicked off the air in an anchor role, but then again KO’s a chronic liar, so take his denials with a grain of salt.

By the way, if you have a Twitter account, make sure you’re following @KeithOlbermann – purely for the comedy factor.

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