Delicious: Crist’s name to appear on the bottom of FL ballot

Posted by: ST on April 30, 2010 at 9:24 am

That’s what happens when you run as an “NPA” (No Party Affiliation). Via CNN (h/t: @mattklewis):

According to the Florida Secretary of State’s office, the order that candidates are listed on the state’s ballot is predetermined by law. The winner of the Republican primary will receive top billing, followed by the winner of the Democratic primary and then any candidates who have qualified to run as members of Florida’s more than 30 registered “minor parties.” These candidates are listed in the order in which they qualified for the ballot.

Last on the ballot, also listed in the order that they qualified, are candidates running without party affiliation – listed as NPA. This is where Crist’s name will appear.

Four candidates have already qualified to run unaffiliated, ensuring that their names will be above the governor’s on November’s ballot: Sue Askeland, Bruce Ray Riggs, Bobbie Bean and Rick Tyler. Additionally, two minor party candidates have already qualified and will also be listed before Crist’s: Libertarian Alexander Andrew Snitker and Bernie DeCastro of the Constitution Party of Florida.

Candidates officially have until noon on Friday to qualify, meaning there’s still a chance that a Senate hopeful from the Surfers Party of America or the Possibility Party could be listed about the governor as well.

Heh. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy.

That was then. This is now (via).

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7 Responses to “Delicious: Crist’s name to appear on the bottom of FL ballot”


  1. Anthony says:

    Being from California, I can get behind the Surfer’s Party. Hang ten! :d

  2. Bumr50 says:

    That will soon be spelled as : SERFers Party, and it will replace “Democrat.”

  3. Pants says:

    Seems to me it could be worse. His name would be even less prominent if it were somewhere in the middle of the pack than it will at the very bottom.

  4. Funny Guy says:

    Until the Federal government steps up and modifies their laws to allow a reasonable number of immigrants to enter this country legally, we have no other choice but to start enforcing the laws. The intention of this law is to penalize the illegal criminals and while it will no doubtably spill over unfortunately to good people I don’t see any other option. Other than legalizing the drugs that are really the problem here. Drug trafficking is responsible for the increase crime not the illegals.

  5. Xrlq says:

    I guess seeing his name listed as “Sorry Charlie” was too much to hope for.

  6. Kate says:

    LOL….He should apologize to the people of Florida for being such a political hack…turncoat? Do you think the average Floridian understands the real reason why he went independent is because he wants power….nothing to do with the voters.

    Of course…the media will muddy the waters for him so that the dimwitted Dem will have a fighting chance.

  7. June says:

    No one seems to remember that in order to become Governor he promised to battle the Home Ins. companies that were and are bleeding the Florida homeowner.
    He has leaned back in his chair and allowed others to suggest the best way to take care of problems.
    He takes great care not to initiate anything!!
    He chased McCain for the VP position, leaving Florida to hang while he concentrated on his own ambitions.
    I believe he even married to advance his own ambitions.
    He deserves to be on the bottom of the list.