The concept of personal responsibility is officially over

Posted by: ST on August 9, 2010 at 12:24 pm

The NY Post’s Kyle Smith writes one of the most depressing – but true – columns you’ll read today.

Don’t really know whether to cry or scream – or both – after reading it.

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4 Responses to “The concept of personal responsibility is officially over”


  1. Carlos says:

    Gosh, ya think?

    What else is gonna happen when school kids (all the way through college) are rewarded for wrong answers with not only a passing grade, but a high one at that?

    What else is gonna happen when we have a government that wants to become God (as opposed to “god”) and be the source of all good things?

    And what else is gonna happen when the government, that “source of all good things,” plays extreme politics with the safety of its citizens by denying a state the right to protect its own citizens, and refuses to take responsibility for the last “comprehensive immigration reform?”

    The government has already irresponsibly wasted our grandchildrens’ inheritance. Now it is hell-bent on destroying our heritage as well.

  2. MissJean says:

    It makes me sick but doesn’t surprise me. I read earlier this year about changing Social Security payments so they pay-outs are based on a person’s assets at the age of eligibility. In other words, you may have paid in, but it’ll be welfare for those who didn’t save for retirement.

    Carlos, that’s not how it works in every state. In fact, there are furious parents each year who discover that when you earn credit in a course (high school and college), there is no “discretionary” pass like in middle and elementary school.

    But what DOES tick me off about this administration and the MSM is that they’re pushing the whole “pity the child of illegal immigrants” story. Two articles recently featured illegal immigrants who were accepted – with scholarships – at state colleges that rejected LEGAL immigrants who weren’t of Hispanic descent. So not only do the illegals get a boost ahead of legal immigrants, but they can qualify as a minority whereas an Asian or East European legal immigrant can’t.

  3. Wayne says:

    The problem isn’t limited to the government. Sadly I personal responsibility is so far gone, people don’t even understand how to assign blame. Look at how they treat children who bring toy guns to school. A zero tolerance policy means we throw the book at them. Instead of acting responsibly, or expecting the kids to act responsibly, there is just a “one reaction fits all” mentality.

    Much of the country is also infected with this malady. There are still the few who seem to understand and respect the fact that they themselves are responsible for their own actions, but it seems few and far between.

  4. Jo says:

    What can you say? When you are in a position of unchecked power, hate everything America has always stood for and are trying to use that power to ‘even the scores’ and right all the wrongs done to the ‘downtrodden’ and discriminated against (read people ‘of color’ who refuse to earn what they have but feel entitled to the earnings of others) what better way to hold on to that power but to play the perpetually fast and loose Santa Clause with the taxpayer money than to ‘forgive’ sub-prime mortgages? It’s a beautiful plan that further enables you to ram through your Socialist agenda. The upcoming elections will show us how many are willing to hold to the Democratic tenets of America and how many have our hands out wanting Long Legged Mac Daddy to solve all of our prob-lems.