Is the race card the only one in their deck?

Posted by: Phineas on August 11, 2010 at 11:15 am

Because the Democrats seem to play it any chance they get. The latest example comes from US Senate Majority Leader Harry “Pinky” Reid, who said publicly he couldn’t see any reason why a Hispanic would vote Republican:

Get it? “Without us you campesinos would have nada, so shut up, get back on the hacienda, and vote the way we tell you!”

Harry Reid is one mean-spirited, condescending, arrogant, and petty old man. And those are his good points.

LINKS: See more on Harry Reid’s ethnic pandering and the Left’s contempt for ethnic conservatives. Also Hot Air, which suggests Harry might want to ask Nevada Republican gubernatorial nominee Brian Sandoval just why a Hispanic might dare be a conservative.

(via Legal Insurrection)

UPDATE: Florida US Senate Republican candidate Marco Rubio* reponds:

*(Psst, Harry! Don’t be alarmed, but Rubio is Cuban-American. You know, “Hispanic.” Just FYI.)

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Comment from ST – 12:01 PM ET:  This is pretty despicable of Reid, but yet it’s just another example of how Democrats try to bitterly divide this country along class/race/sex, etc lines for shameless political gain.   The underlying message here to Hispanics is: You’re a traitor to your fellow Hispanics if you don’t vote Democrat.  How often have women heard similarly for years? “How can you possibly be a woman and still vote Republican?” Same same with gay people, Hispanics, black people, etc.   These types of not so subtle insinuations can lead to some folks in the various “groups” being too afraid to speak out against Democrat policies for fear of being branded as a traitor.

The underlying message to the GOP, on the other hand, is: “Get ready, conservatives – we’re getting ready to hit you hard with the race card. Just so you know …”

Expect these types of divisive methods of “trying to win” to rapidly increase in use between now and November – and beyond to the bigger election in 2012.   I hope like heck that this backfires on the left big time.

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  • 16 Responses to “Is the race card the only one in their deck?”


    1. Bill Fabrizio says:

      “Is the race card the only one in their deck”?

      No sister, they are flush with “jokers”!

    2. Sefton says:

      Another example of a liberal projecting his own racism onto others, again.
      When are hispanics and blacks going to finally see that the Democrat Party is being run by the Wizard of Oz, and it’s just a weak pandering team of racists and Marxists behind the curtain?

    3. david foster says:

      The Democratic Party is one of the leading fomenters of racism in America today, and Harry Reid is a loathsome man.

      He should be easily beatable. It is too bad that Republican political marketing is so poor. I have contributed to Sharron Angle, and I now get direct mail pieces from her every single day–sometimes *two* pieces in a single day. This is wasteful, it is incompetent marketing, and it projects hysteria. Unfortunately, it is typical of Republican political direct mail, of which I get 5-10 pounds every single week, most of which I judge as very poor from a marketing standpoint.

    4. Kate says:

      Big pass from the LSM….of course. Harry can say what he wants in their book. I think the average person can hear the taint in his voice. I hope the good people of Nevada wake up and make sure this guy is put out of office.

      Isn’t this what we used to call stereotyping…a big No No back in the day, but now it looks like they have a label for everyone and a box to put them in. So much for the diverse crowd.

      @ David…..yeah, I know what you mean about money being wasted by the Republican direct mailers.

    5. PE says:

      Deep down, Harry is afraid that the majority of the Hispanic community will, one day soon, realize that the Democratic Party is the Party of the Anti-Christ.

    6. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

      Look at it from the Dems’ point of view – they own women and minorities. It’s that simple, they’ve bought them and their votes and most of all their loyalty. The possibility of them wandering off the reservation and thinking independently fills the Dems with a dread similar to that slaveholding Southerners must have felt contemplating an insurrection.

      Of course they are usually more circumspect about it. Once in a while the mask does slip, but so far, fortunately for them, the press covers it or explains it away. And then there’s always the magic “context” explanation. If that one does’t work, then there’s always the old reliable “Look out, A Republican somewhere is going to eat your babies!!!!”

    7. Is the race card the only one in their deck?

      That would be an affirmative.

    8. Jo says:

      I, and I am sure many others, are getting sick and tired of the old race baiting by this pathetic party its despicable ‘leaders’ like old Harry. How dim are the voters in his state if they don’t throw this stupid old prig out? Speaking of race, he gives whites a bad name.

    9. Kate says:

      Harry is counting on the union hotel workers and illegals to get back in office. How many times can an illegal or union member vote in the state of Nevada?

      …depends on who’s watching the front door at the polling place.

    10. Carlos says:

      In Philly it’s the NBPP; in Vegas, it’s the SEIU. But in Vegas they have to be careful that they use hispanic “workers” to intimidate the voters, otherwise Mr. Holder’s Department of Just Us will be in a quandary about whether to enforce the law or not.