Video: The New Orleans school voucher program

Posted by: Phineas on August 19, 2010 at 3:22 pm

Following up on this report, Reason.TV takes another look at the sweeping reforms of the New Orleans school system after Hurricane Katrina, changes that saw the enrollment at Charter and other private schools climb to 70% of the city’s students. In this case, the documentary focuses on one private academy and the satisfaction of teachers, parents, and students with their new arrangements:

Granted, this is only one case and it’s meant to showcase the benefits of a voucher system, but, given the empirical success as measured in test scores and the parents’ reports of how much their children look forward to going to school, isn’t something like this worth trying in other poorly performing districts, such as LA Unified?

Okay, so there’d be a few roadblocks

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2 Responses to “Video: The New Orleans school voucher program”


  1. Jo says:

    Oh, now remember: It is the govn’ment’s (and the ‘teacher’s’ unions) opinions and mandate that they know more about what is good for us and how to indoctrinate us than we do! How dare some upstart or-gan-i-zation or en-tit-y claim that something as stupid as vouchers works??????

  2. Carlos says:

    Every organization has its water carriers that are nearly as useless as the public at large except they do the work that the uppers in the organization wouldn’t be caught dead doing because they’re above all that.

    In the case of the “teachers'” unions, it is the “teachers” themselves, while the elitist intelligencia and arrogancia move them ever toward the indoctrination classes they so desire.

    But remember, students training to be teachers are, by far, the least intelligent and most malleable group of students, and with nearly all colleges and universities being run by marxists/socialists they are unwittingly and without so much as a whimper being led down that rose-petal-strewn path to Hell.

    And parents, by and large, have abdicated their duties as parents, to teach, instruct and instill the values they hold dear.

    Get involved! Even if you don’t have children at home, the school boards eventually have to pay real attention to we, the people, or be removed by election. And they’re the ones who make decisions about schools like this, not Mr. Obama, his Sec. of Ed., or anyone else.