6 thoughts on “Another one from the Dept. of You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

  1. Don’t forget, we already have the Obama vibrator! And, not, I won’t link it, y’all might lose your lunches.

  2. A friend has a minor Magnum, PI fetish. No, not the short shorts and ‘stache of the lead (that would be own particular idiom), but a fascination with Higgins. He’s been perfecting his best John Hillerman outraged Brit voice.

    And this would be a perfect spot for it.

    “Oh. Mai. GAWD!”

  3. Marshall, I was thinkin’ just the opposite. Why would we need to grease up and stick the doll behind us when Duh-1 does it to us all the time without grease!

  4. I wouldn’t blow it up with someone else’s lips. Besides, it’s overinflated to begin with.

    Who knows where it’s been.*takes off rubber gloves*

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