Just how corrupt is the Congressional Black Caucus? Part two

Posted by: Phineas on September 8, 2010 at 1:41 pm

A follow-up to this story:  It seems Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson was a lot more directly involved than she has admitted in funneling scholarship money meant for poor children to her own relatives:

Letters bearing Eddie Bernice Johnson’s signature ask that scholarship money be sent directly to her grandsons

Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson apparently asked the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation to send scholarship checks directly to her two grandsons and two great-nephews, rather than to their colleges.

Johnson has insisted repeatedly that she left scholarship decisions to aides.

But two letters she sent the foundation from 2006 undermine claims that she wasn’t involved in obtaining $31,000 for her relatives and two other ineligible recipients.

Neither her aides nor the foundation responded to repeated requests to discuss the letters, which were obtained separately by The Dallas Morning News and by Johnson’s GOP challenger, Stephen Broden, who released them Tuesday.

But the letters suggest a far more direct role for the Dallas Democrat than she acknowledged in the last week after revelations by The News that she awarded at least 23 scholarships to her relatives and the children of a top staffer – in violation of the foundation’s nepotism and residency rules.

“There have been statements made by Congresswoman Johnson that she was oblivious to the process and that she was sort of detached from it and was not involved in the detail,” Broden said. “We see here that she was orchestrating how the checks should be made out.”

The letters are on Johnson’s U.S. House letterhead. They bear a fax stamp from her Dallas office and a signature that appears to match hers from previous correspondence unrelated to the scholarships.

Oh, my. What’s that hand doing in the cookie jar, Eddie?

As Ed Morrissey puts it, if you’re going to be a crook, don’t leave a paper trail.

As a reminder, you can help clean up Dallas politics by donating to Congreswoman Johnson’s opponent, the Reverend Stephen Broden.

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5 Responses to “Just how corrupt is the Congressional Black Caucus? Part two”


  1. We have more than our share of ethically-challenged Democrats in Texas. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) still won’t answer where the funding came from for her notorious trip to popstar Michael Jackson’s funeral. Thank goodness both these “ladies” are being challenged for their seats this November. Lets hope for change!

  2. Carlos says:

    In Johnson’s case, it should be enough for the voters in her district that more qualified kids FROM HER DISTRICT were shortchanged in order for her to get her relatives into some affirmative action programs via those scholarships.

    Fer cryin’ out loud, why didn’t she just use her power to appoint to the service academies? Unless, of course, their GPAs and test scores weren’t good enough, which just reinforces my first paragraph.

  3. nina says:

    They will be re-elected. Here in Florida we have a woman who was under accused of stealing funds from a charity and the black community voted in droves for her. Later on removed by the governor after she was indicted.

  4. Kate says:

    Unfortnately I think Nina makes a point….people in these districts couldn’t give a flying hoot about ethics. Now that may be a generalization and there may be a few people who are tired of unethical and corrupt politicians, but the old adage is that they don’t mind corruption as long as the money is flowing in their general direction. She may have “re-directed” a few dollars in her personal direction, but she also threw a few dollars by way of entitlement programs etc, in theirs, so it’s considered part of the perks of being a congressman/woman to them.

    Hopefully more people will understand how she is using her skin color (and her congress seat)to feather her nest and make a better life for her friends and family. Isn’t that a form of injustice? I wonder how the news in her neighborhood is spinning this in order to keep her in power?

  5. kay2the2nd says:

    EBJ was in the Texas lege when District 30 was gerrymandered to guarantee EBJ’s win when she subsequently ran for rep for that dist.