Color-obsessed liberal nitwits think Tea Party parade float was “racist”

Posted by: ST on September 15, 2010 at 11:04 am

KXLY in Spokane reports (via Memeorandum):

Naches community members are outraged at a Tea Party parade float in the Sportsmans’ Days Parade last weekend which featured a man dressed as President Barack Obama whipping a teenager with a riding crop.

Last weekend was the Naches Lions Club’s annual Sportsmans’ Days celebration. The three-day event featured everything from a fishing derby to a hot rod show to a teen dance. At 10 a.m. Saturday the grand parade got underway, but dozens of people who attended the parade were witness to something they didn’t quite expect.

Local members of the Tea Party sponsored a float, decorated to look like a Radio Flyer wagon, pulled behind a truck. In that truck a number of people sat holding signs that read everything from “Obama Care” and “Healthcare Take Over” to “Wasted Tax Money.”

But the thing that got people upset was a man in shirt and tie wearing a mask of President Barack Obama. In one hand he held a sign that read “Hey Kids! Thanks for paying out debt!” In the other hand he held a horse riding crop which he snapped at a young teen in front of him pretending to pull the wagon by the handle wearing a shirt that read “Future Tax Payer.”

“It certainly came across as very racist to me, and really bad manners, bottom line, lack of manners,” Katy Uhlmer said.

Uhlmer was outraged over the float, saying that the float was seen by dozens during a parade meant for fun, not political agendas.

“A lack of respect for our presidency and our government, just everything down the line, it was really quite disturbing,” she said.


Some say that instead of talking about government overspending, people are focused instead on how the Tea Party’s message was in bad taste.

“If you have people calling in that were thinking it was racist and not liking the message as it was promoted, then I would say you’re not too effective,” John McGowan said.

Not to be outdone, the liberal gang at Think Progress featured this story at their website, emphasizing this part:

In one hand he held a sign that read “Hey Kids! Thanks for paying out debt!” In the other hand he held a horse riding crop which he snapped at a young teen in front of him pretending to pull the wagon

The writer of the Think Progress “piece” – Ben Armbruster – was slick enough not to include his own opinion on whether or not he thought the float (seen in the video below) was “racist,” but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the clear insinuation. Liberals don’t know how to do anything else anymore outside of either implying or suggesting racism is the root behind any and all opposition to Barack Obama, or outright accusing the Tea Party of it, as we’ve seen the NAACP, prominent politicos, etc do.

The Yakima-Herald also did a “feature’ on the “controversy” surrounding the image of the man dressed as BO cracking the whip over a white youth:

Criticism has arisen over a float in the annual Naches Sportsman’s Days parade that some are calling offensive and in bad taste.

Sponsored by a local group that’s part of the tea party movement, the float resembled an oversized red wagon. Riding on it was a man wearing a President Obama mask, cracking a whip over a youth pulling the wagon.

Several people on the float carried signs critical of federal spending, Wall Street bailouts, tax increases and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray, who is locked in a re-election battle with Republican Dino Rossi.

Organizers of the Sportsman’s Days event said they’ve received complaints that the float and its depiction of Obama was “over the top” and involved a racial stereotype from the slave era more than 150 years ago.

And they say conservatives are obsessed with race?

Ladies and gents, I hate to sound like a broken record, but this is exactly how the media sets the narrative. They already have it in the backs of their minds, courtesy of not only their preconceived notions about conservatives but also the politicos and pundits who have falsely characterized the Tea Party as racists, and they wrote a story from that angle. The focus wasn’t on the Tea Party’s anti-big government message, it was on … Obama’s color. You can watch the video and see for yourself that there was nothing “racist” about “Obama” cracking the whip on the white youth. In fact, that’s in effect what he does now to people of all colors in this country – it’s just that the “whip” is excessive taxes, excessive regulation, government mandates on health care, more restrictions on your personal freedom, etc. If the liberal/politically correct nitwits upset over the Tea Party float had a one THINKING brain amongst them, that’s what they’d be really offended about – the fact that this President thinks an expanded centralized federal government better knows how to run your life than you do.

But instead, once again, we see folks who just can’t move beyond the color issue. Are they suggesting they would have been less offended had the youth pulling the wagon been black? Would they have been ok with it if a white president had been depicted as cracking a whip? The bigger problem here, beyond the race card being played, is that they’re offended that anyone would dare criticize President Obama. “Dissent is patriotic” – but only if you’re criticizing a Republican president. There are people out there, mostly on the left, who standby at the ready, waiting to be offended and sure enough, that’s what happened here. Washington is a liberal state, of course, so this isn’t exactly surprising, but it doesn’t make it any less infuriating.

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16 Responses to “Color-obsessed liberal nitwits think Tea Party parade float was “racist””


  1. NC Cop says:

    “It certainly came across as very racist to me, and really bad manners, bottom line, lack of manners,” Katy Uhlmer said.

    Apparently this twit was asleep for the 8 years under Bush when the left did far worse. No matter, the dems have to cry racism at every turn because they have no agenda. They have no plan and they have no facts. When all else fails, cry racism!

    Keep beating that dead horse, dems, PLEASE!!!

  2. Phineas says:

    Part of the problem is that we have a President who happens to be Black, so it becomes easy to slap a race card on any criticism of him, justified or not. And, of course, by overplaying it, they weaken its value.

    That said, the float in the video made me a little uncomfortable, too. Maybe it’s conditioning, but it’s there.

  3. Wayne says:

    Actually I think this may be because liberals don’t know the meaning of the phrase “crack the whip.” Similarly they probably have never heard, “Nose to the grindstone,” “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” “Light a fire under him/her,” or “Buckle Down.”

    Ok my gross over generalization of the left is done, hope you laughed like I did.

  4. Liberals are projecting. They see racism everywhere, accusing others of their own faults. They have nothing helpful to contribute to the American political conversation.

  5. Walter in Texas says:

    Folks, give these suckers a break. They’re Democrats. Their party has been about race from the git go. Race hatred, class envy, and a certain low greed are the staple base on which the Democrats have based their appeal since the 19th century. Little wonder that they’re obsessed by race.

    NC Cop has a very fine point about selective memory. Governor Bush, a fine man when it counted, was evil incarnate to these people, Hitler reborn, a war criminal. It only made these people look vile and lackwit.

    Best we avoid doing the same, but this float falls way short of that.

  6. I don’t know if the float was racist or not but it was mind-numbingly stupid for them to do it. What kind of an idiot would not think that it would be seen as racist? Are these tea party twits so stupid that they can’t see this? Anyone with half a brain could see that such a float would become a PR nightmare.

  7. Kate says:

    Tom go back to troll haven…liberal nitwits such as yourself have a brain as deep as your skin. The problem with liberals is they do not read the signs….they are conditioned to having pictures instead of words. This makes it easier for them to project their own meanings onto just about anything.

  8. Who are you calling a troll? I’ve been commenting here for years. Say one thing that doesn’t fit the new right-wing party line and its into a tumbrel and off to the guillotine!

    Sorry if my right knee doesn’t jerk as hard as yours does.

  9. Kate, Tom’s not a liberal …

  10. Kate says:

    …my bad…been one of those days for me!!! But, I do think that some times you need to shake things up a bit and that little float just lets you know that folks are taking a stand, whether you like the way they do it, they are just letting off some steam.

  11. Carlos says:

    Tom posts many fine comments on this blog, Kate, and this one’s pretty much spot-on, too. If you knew anything about WA to begin with, you’d know it’s not the brightest bulb in the 50-pack alliance, and this incident just confirms that’s the case on both sides of the political spectrum there.

  12. Tom TB says:

    People can find this display offensive; but Obama IS harnessing the next generation with a punishing debt, and I’ve seen worse things people have acted out wearing President’s masks in the past.

  13. Digger says:

    Over the my 4 decades as a voter, I find I am put off by any lack of respect for the office of President. Engaging in vile caricature may be a historic reality, but I feel strongly that it has no place in a community parade.

  14. Carlos says:

    I find it strange that, now that we have a jackass for prez, the liberals have real short memories about how Bush 43 was caricatured many times in many different settings, or how (speaking of respect for an office) the pope has been vilified in so many pagan/gay pride parades.

    Do I agree that the float should have been done with such a theme? Heck, displaying Washington’s current guvner, senators or most representatives would have worked just as well.

    Remember, the prez in fact doesn’t pass any budget, he either signs off on what Congress passes or vetoes it. It is Congress that’s pushing our faces into the dirt at the bottom of the grave.

  15. Zippy says:

    Tina Fey’s characater said it best when she told Tracy Morgan’s character on 30 Rock…”The fact that people are making fun of you has nothing to do with your race or gender, it means that you are equal'”. Not a verbatim quote, but close.

    Every parade has someone political marching. Applaud those you like and sit quietly for those who you disapprove. I feel quite empowered when some lib is marching proudly in the local 4th of July parade. About 50 of us cousins, proud and strong are quiet and stare while the children spray canned string. It’s all about effect.

  16. Busterson2` says:

    You really got our message. As your post has stated most missed the main message. How do I know? I was Obama on the Float.