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September 23, 2010

Baylor ends study-abroad in Mexico due to violence

In recent months, I’ve focused on Mexico and the cartel-related violence there, which directly relates to the security of our own southern border and that of the people who live in the area. Occasionally, I’ve been accused of demonizing Mexico and Mexicans by grossly exaggerating the problem. Perhaps, though I don’t believe so. But, if I am guilty of scaremongering, so is Baylor University:.....   [Read More]

Thursday Open Thread

Been a hectic day so far for the Sistah, and will be the same once I get back from lunch. Probably won’t be able to check back in until much later this afternoon. Can’t wait to write about the news of Axelturf and Rahmbo preparing to exit this administration stage left. .....   [Read More]