Mexico: mayor’s murder not drug-related

Posted by: Phineas on October 2, 2010 at 8:06 pm

Following up on this story, it appears the mayor of Doctor Rodriguez in Nuevo Leon, Mexico, was murdered in a simple land dispute, not in another battle in the cartel wars:

Two men were arrested for killing a small-town Mexican mayor for $6,000 in a land dispute, prosecutors said Thursday.

Nuevo Leon state Attorney General Alejandro Garza y Garza ruled out the involvement of drug gangs that have been blamed for the assassination of many other mayors in Mexico.

Prisciliano Rodriguez, mayor of Doctor Gonzalez, was gunned down Sept. 23 along with an aide. He was the fourth mayor killed in northeastern Mexico in a month.

Garza y Garza said the two detained men confessed to the contract killing of the mayor in a land dispute. He said an uncle of one of the two suspects hired them a week before the assassination, asking them if they “wanted a little job.” The uncle remains at large.

The men were paid an initial $3,000 and given an R-15 rifle, an Uzi and a revolver, Garza y Garza said. On the day of the assassination, the uncle called his nephew and demanded the money back if they did not carry out the killing, the prosecutor said.

The suspects told police they traveled later that day to Doctor Gonzalez, where the mayor was coordinating a program to provide metal roofing to residents, Garza y Garza said.

He said the pair waited until Rodriguez got out of his car and then fired about 20 shots at him. The uncle allegedly met with them the next day and paid them the remaining $3,000.

So, in this case, it was a tawdry and prosaic dispute over land boundaries, one of the most ancient reasons for murder and one certainly not limited to Mexico.

via the Mexico Institute.

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2 Responses to “Mexico: mayor’s murder not drug-related”


  1. Steve Hussein Skubinna says:

    That’s pretty sick, regardless of whichever nation it occurred in.

    I would like to know what an “R-15” rifle is, though. I suspect it was really an AR-15, and the writer and editor, like most journalists, have no knowledge of firearms.

    Speaking of which, it’s at least refreshing that so far some hoplophobe hasn’t proclaimed that the murder was committed with machine guns, rocket launchers, and grenades purchased in the US via the mythical “gun show loophole.” Looks as if the pandering party machine is preoccupied.

  2. Carlos says:

    With elections coming up, Steve, and the border wars starting to heat up, the MSM/LSM doesn’t want to run any stories about the war that could in any way reflect on how jackasses run this country.

    And the weapons? Since Mexico has very stringent gun laws, where did this “ordinary citizen” uncle get weaponry like that, if he’s not connected to gangs? Something smells like Chicago here.