Big Green: BP, GE and the World’s First Carbon Billionaires

In this third installment of PJTV‘s series on the alliance between environmentalist groups, government, and big business, Joe Hicks and his guests look at who stands to profit from all the Green Statist legislation and regulations the “save the Earth” crowd want to enact. Taking a star turn in this is one of Public Secrets’ favorite global hypocrites, the Goracle himself, Al Gore. Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Big Green: BP, GE and the World’s First Carbon Billionaires

  1. There is a man in my church who previously owned a huge construction company. Through various mismanagement and too far-reaching schemes, he lost that business leaving a swatch of debt, unemployed workers and lawsuits in his wake. What did he do as a member of a very prominent, wealthy family? He sought and was awarded a huge grant to explore ‘alternative’, ‘green’ energy sources. It’s obvious to a non-engineer it won’t work but yet, he’s one of thousands who have received such huge government payouts to play around on the taxpayers dimes. Where has he just returned from? His annual week-long moose hunting expedition in the northwest.

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