4 thoughts on “1 year anniversary of the Ft. Hood terrorist attack

  1. My God, has it been a year already?

    I’m glad that someone reminded me, I feel ashamed that I had forgotten.

    We must NEVER forget things like these, because, unfortunately, more will be coming.

  2. I was reading on another site about the talking heads doing their best to claim that there is no connection between Maj. Hasan being Muslim and his deciding to go generally bat$hit and shoot up the place.

    I replied that if it truly has nothing to do with Islam, then ask Hasan how he feels about having been taken down by a WOMAN. And record his reaction for posterity.

  3. Also, surprised to hear that they will be dedicating a monument at Ft. Hood in memory of those who died. They certainly deserve their monument. My surprise is that it was allowed to be erected; it might hurt Muslim feelings, after all.

  4. I have a friend who’s husband just turned down a transfer to Ft. Hood two months earlier. She will never forget what happened there, and everytime I talk to her I remember.

    This is a problem with these terrorists, you have no way of knowing which ones have “hijacked” Islam, and which ones have not. – Lorica

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