Nanny-stater of the Month

My blog-buddy ST has ably covered the latest silliness from the Board of Supervisors Nannies in San Francisco, banning toys in Happy Meals unless vendors meet city-imposed guidelines, all in the name of “food justice.”*

That lead Reason.TV to proclaim San Francisco Supervisor Kill-joy Eric Mar its Nanny of the Month:

You’ll want to watch for the runners-up, too; with our cities and states in an economic mess, it’s nice to know our elected officials have their priorities straight – watching what you do.

*No fries, no peace!!!

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2 thoughts on “Nanny-stater of the Month

  1. Last time I was in SF it was dirty and the people were not very friendly. Why would anyone want to live in a city populated by weirdos and anti Americans is beyond me.This is not surprising.

  2. As I’ve noted here before, when I was trucking I did a few months’ stint taking loads of toilet paper to the Bay area, one of six companies doing so to a major retailer there.

    The only conclusion I could reach was that that area was full of the reason so much toilet paper was needed…

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