Charlotte is in the top 2 for 2012 DNC – “Winner” to be announced later this year

A giddy liberal Charlotte Observer reports:

A St. Louis television station is reporting that Charlotte and St. Louis have emerged as finalists in the competition to serve as host of the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

KTVI said Tuesday that the two cities have taken the lead over the other cities under consideration, Cleveland and Minneapolis.

Democratic Party officials have said they expect to make a choice later this year.

Both the St. Louis station and said the issue of unionized hotels could tilt the competition against Charlotte. Most of the major hotels in St. Louis are unionized, while Charlotte’s are not.

Labor unions have been a longtime bulwark of the Democratic Party.

Politico also noted that Charlotte has fewer hotel rooms than St. Louis.

Supporters of Charlotte’s effort to win the convention have noted that Democrats held their 2008 national convention in Denver, where nearly all the hotels are not unionized.

Back in July, it was being reported that Charlotte was the frontrunner to host the convention, so perhaps St. Louis has stepped it up, or that report was bogus. Who knows?  Either way, it sounds like Charlotte is a leading contender. 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  If Democrats are going to make Charlotte their 2012 Convention stomping grounds, then by all means bring it.   Charlotte is a liberal city, and North Carolina barely went blue in 2008 in the Presidential election.  No doubt the DNC would love to once again have this normally reliably red state as a feather in their collective caps.  That said, there are still plenty of conservatives here in NC – including yours truly – who would love to give the DNC a warm welcome.  :D

As they say, stay tuned …

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