Rangel: Censured

It’s official: Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has become the 23rd Congressman to be censured by his House colleagues:

The House on Thursday voted to formally censure Rep. Charlie Rangel for financial misconduct despite pleas from the New York Democratic lawmaker and some of his colleagues for a less punishing reprimand.

The final vote was 333-79.

Rangel, who became the 23rd House member to be censured, appeared at the front of the chamber while Speaker Nancy Pelosi read the resolution.

Rangel responded that he won’t be judged by this Congress, “but I’m going to be judged by my life, my activities, my contributions to society and I just apologize for the awkard position that some of you are in.”

“But at the end of the day — as I started off saying — compared to where I’ve been, I haven’t had a bad day since,” he said, drawing applause from the chamber. Rangel was referring to the day he was left for dead on a Korean battlefield nearly 60 years ago.

Censure is the most serious House punishment short of expulsion. His supporters asked instead for a reprimand, which would eliminate that humiliating appearance.

But the House voted against downgrading the punishment 146-267.

Wasn’t it oh so sweet that House Speaker Nancy “Drain the Swamp – of Republicans” Pelosi got to read the censure resolution (video here)? I love it.

Please, oh please let Mad Maxine Waters be next.

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