Hamas: Kill all the Christians and Jews

Explain to me again just how, exactly, Israel (or us) is supposed to make peace with these guys?

I’m not sure what all the lava imagery was for, unless it was a reference to the fires of the Islamic Hell, Jahannam.

And, just because I’m in a grouchy mood today, I have a reply for Hamas:

Get the message, O Brave Mujaheddin?

SOURCE: Palestinian Media Watch

LINKS: Jihad Watch and Michael Totten

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5 thoughts on “Hamas: Kill all the Christians and Jews

  1. Yeah, but if those raaaaciiist jerks ever were nuked, you can bet all the tinfoil hats in the universe would universally condemn us because they are such peaceful people…

  2. ‘Our’ Dear Leader sure seems to have the same anti-Jew, anti-Christian sentiments they have. So, as long as he’s around on his bully pulpit, they could try to rid the world of us all and he would do nothing.

  3. ….take note liberals/socialists/communists…..you were specifically included in their little threat.

    So let’s see if you take away the Jews, All of the Christians and communists what kind of people will be left running the globe. Can you expect the kind of government that we are seeing in Palestine today where the PM is ready to throw his hands in the air and say, We’re toast!.

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