MSDNC race “expert”: Vick issue is “complex” – because of slavery or something


You know, when I read moronic liberal “commentary” like this, it makes me wish I’d better spent the wasted time reading it on something more productive and far less painful – like beating my head up against a wall a few times.

The even scarier part about what the woman, Melissa Harris-Perry, said is the fact that she’s a professor at Princeton – specifically, Associate Professor of Politics and African American Studies. Now there’s someone we want “educating” future doctors, lawyers, CEOs, politicians, etc ….

The professor tried to ‘clarify’ her comments via Twitter (as noted by by Mediaite), but if anyone out there can see where what she Tweeted was any more in depth and explanatory than her remarks on MSDNC, please let me know. She also wrote an expansive piece here in which she tried to provide context for the comments she made on MSDNC. The best I could get out of it was that she was trying to justify in some way the lax, forgiving reaction of black people to what Michael Vick did in comparison with the condemning reactions by white people to what he did. The justification being that black people used to be compared to animals and that dogs used to be used to corral black slaves trying to escape to freedom, and to terrorize civil rights proponents.

So, essentially, what I’m reading is that she’s trying to explain away the tepid reactions of many in the black community to Vick’s crimes by invoking the “slavery” card, as if we should find it acceptable and understandable that many of the people whose ancestors suffered extreme, cruel, and inhumane treatment at the hands of slaveowners are callously indifferent to the fact that a prominent, popular black American athelete and former role model to kids inflicted extreme, cruel, and inhumane treatment both directly and indirectly on one of the few types of domesticated animals in this country: dogs. For profit.


I shudder to think what her rationale was/is for the starkly different reactions of white people and black people to the OJ Simpson verdict. Sheesh. 8-|

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