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January 26, 2011

“Birther” movement gets boost from journalist friend of HI governor

I need to stipulate right up front that I am not a part of the “Birther” movement in any way, shape or form. It only intrigues me from the standpoint of someone who enjoys investigating and digging for information that otherwise might remain questionable or never known. And although I don’t subscribe to the belief that President Obama wasn’t born here, I don’t view everyone who has an issue with his lack of release of his long-form birth certificate as “crazy” or as a “nutter” (although there are certainly some “birthers” who are “out there”). There are quite a few people I deeply respect who have their doubts about Obama’s citizenship. Even noted Obama worshippers like Chris Matthews have questioned more than once why Obama just won’t clear the air by authorizing the release of the long form. I suspect it has everything to do with the fact that most everyone views birthers as “crazy” and Obama, rather than putting the issue to bed, deliberately keeps the issue alive so as to insinuate all of his political opposition is “nuts.”.....   [Read More]