Bill Whittle: “Obama’s friends and enemies”

Posted by: Phineas on February 20, 2011 at 2:36 pm

**Posted by Phineas

I’ve said many times over the past couple of years that the guiding principle of the Obama administration’s foreign policy can be summed up by “Hug your enemies, pimp-slap your allies.” The studied insults toward and downright betrayals of allies such as Poland, Israel, and Great Britain, and the almost fawning treatment given toward those who despise us speaks to the truth of that.

Bill Whittle has noticed the same pattern and, in this latest video looks at events both great and minor over Obama’s term so far and concludes that this is not incompetence, but deliberate, ideologically-driven policy.

Fair warning, the video contains some horrific images in one segment:

I’ll disagree with Bill on one point: while I’m certain Obama’s foreign policy is driven by the same Socialist ideology that informs his domestic policies, it is also incompetent. Just look at its execution. The latest example in Egypt is a case study in blundering. “Ideology” and “incompetence” are not mutually exclusive, and in Barack Obama they’ve come together in a particularly dangerous mix.

Dangerous for us, that is.

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11 Responses to “Bill Whittle: “Obama’s friends and enemies””


  1. John, UK says:

    A spot on the money analysis, restoring my faith in the inate common sense ofnormal Americans.

  2. Sefton says:

    Great video by Bill.
    John – Just so you know, I didn’t vote for that sorry POS Marxist.
    I only hope he’s gone after 2012. Sorry to our allies that half of our country had/have their collective heads up their behinds.

  3. bd says:

    pinpoint accuracy(!) – the “socialist deniers” and the president’s apologists – all aka useful idiots – look the other way while we slide towards hell on earth… not a “prediction”, but as is said: “the risks may be small but the penalty is high”; now not so clear the risks are small

  4. Steve Skubinna says:

    You’re probably making a big mistake if you think America’s enemies are Obama’s. Likewise, friends.

  5. baseballguy says:

    It is very simple. What many Americans consider our allies are not who this POS thinks they should be. Our enemies – his allies. His allies – our enemies. WHat part of this don’t you understand? I am not a birther, but this guy is NOT an American as we know the term.

  6. Bill Fabrizio says:

    To reasonable men and women, Obama has proven time and time again that he is in fact un-American and un-Western in his ideology. Since he is scoring 100% at being un-American, this is clearly an intentional strategy since the law of averages would come into play if he were merely incompetent.

    As unpleasant as it is, America and the world can survive four years with an un-American tyrant as president. What we may not be able to survive long term is the fact that his democrat party minions in government, unions and the press so ardently support his un-Americanism.

    If we are to remain the beacon of freedom we have to dispose of the democrat’s un-American ideology while simultaneously disposing of their traitorous president.

  7. Carlos says:

    Bill, I’ve been around a looonnnng time, and as far as I can recollect the jackasses (not necessarily a strictly Democrat trait, what with people like McCain and Grahamnesty around) have always had an un-American ideology. It’s just that now they’re open and proud about it, for whatever reason, and the LSM is just tickled pink (like in Communist pinko) about this development.

    And BTW, I don’t believe Obhammud has any friends. Cohorts, fellowtravellers, co-conspirators, yes, but no one who could be called a “friend”, person or state.

  8. Bill Fabrizio says:

    Good points Carlos. While RINO’s like McCain and Graham are hopelessly conflicted and lower the overall conservative grade point average, I don’t consider them un-American. Democrats have now jumped the shark and almost all of them can now be considered flagrantly and unequivocally un-American! They are as much our enemy as the Iranians and Chinese!

  9. Jay Kanter says:

    Obama and the Democratic party tells ‘General Electric’to attack all Republicans and Conservatives.’General Electric’tells start a propaganda campaign for the 2012 election.They are joined by Media Matters,Nation,Huffington Post,Daily Kos,N.A.A.C.P,and many more leftist trash groups.M.S.N.B.C.sent Ed[dumb bell]Schultz to Wisconsin as their representative to tell the unions that with them.The Democratic party will stop at nothing in their attacks.

  10. Carlos says:

    Gosh, it looks like we’re back to the FDR days of cronyism and dictatorship by use of private-sector support again, just like in the late thirties when FDR was in bed with any private sector whore he could find.

    Well, with this administration I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you!

    Good straightline, BTW, Jay.

  11. Carlos says:

    And as far as the PMSNBC babbling head goes, think of Mr. Ed (pause) and Sgt. Schultz. Especially if it’s Mr. Ed’s south end while heading north. That’s about the total value of anything I’ve heard or seen from him.