New Tone Watch: Markos Moulitsas’ latest contribution

Just … wow (via @andylevy):

Kos Equates the Taliban with the Tea Party
Kos Equates the Taliban with the Tea Party

Yeah, he himself published that to his website yesterday. This is the same website that reserves webspace for Democrat politicians and prominent liberal activists. Wonder if these folks stand in solidarity when it comes to trash like this?

I guess I really shouldn’t be too surprised, considering that his most recent fact-free book is titled American Taliban but that book (published in September 2010) was written before the recent near-universal call from the left, including our celebrity President, for a “New Tone” in our nation’s political discourse in the aftermath of the attempted assassination on US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ) – a despicable act that had nothing to do with any alleged “violent rhetoric” coming from the right, as has been implied or outright asserted by shamelessly opportunistic liberals and some of their cohorts in the MSM.

Moulitsas, like so many other infantile left wingers, apparently didn’t get the “civility” memo …

In much more positive news, Rep. Giffords’ staff continues to keep her informed of national and world events. No word on how much of it she understands or reacts in any way to. Prayers for her continued recovery.

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