UK Special Forces raid Libyan oil site to rescue citizens: no ferry needed

Posted by: Phineas on February 27, 2011 at 12:38 pm

**Posted by Phineas

Don’t the British realize this is the age of consultations, expressions of concern, and firm public statements? You know, Soft and Smart Power(tm)? Granted, a ferry wouldn’t work in the middle of the desert, but surely Whitehall could have just chartered a few buses instead of sending in the SAS to rescue their own people:

OIL workers stranded in the Libyan desert by the violent chaos engulfing the north African country were evacuated last night in a daring rescue operation by the RAF and British special forces.
Defence Secretary Liam Fox confirmed that two RAF Hercules had airlifted about 150 Britons and other foreign nationals to safety in Malta.

Fears had been growing for British citizens left in remote parts of the country as protests against Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi’s embattled regime escalated and armed militias supportive of the government opened fire on demonstrators.

Up to 70 military personnel, believed to be SBS and SAS, are understood to have landed in the country yesterday. They split into two groups to travel to camps at Amal, Waha and Nafoora, south of Benghazi. It is understood that the rescuers flew from one camp to another picking up civilian workers.

Want to know something that makes this an extra special treat for us? According to the article, even the French launched a covert operation to get their citizens out. The French.

Meanwhile, the State Department is probably inquiring about caravans with the local camel company.

Okay, sure. Its possible we have something underway that can’t be revealed because the Americans aren’t home safe yet, but, with Captain Obama and the Ferry Crew running the show, I somehow doubt it. Call me crazy.

Remember Sylvester Jr. in the old Warner Brothers cartoons? Whenever his Dad, Sylvester, would do something to embarrass his son, Junior would put a bag over his head and cry “Oh, the shame!”

Right now, I know how he feels.

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8 Responses to “UK Special Forces raid Libyan oil site to rescue citizens: no ferry needed”


  1. Tex says:

    And also just now on the news they are saying that the German air force launched a special op mission yesterday to rescue 22 Germans and 112 other foreigners stranded in a remote area. Obama’s complete lack of concern for the safety of Americans trapped in Libya coupled with his aversion to using the U.S. military to rescue U.S. citizens trapped inside a war zone goes way beyond disappointing and incompetent. It really makes us look like “paper tigers”. Thanks Obama for increasing the chances that one or more of our enemies in the world will see that you are a very, very weak President and will be emboldened to attack us, and perhaps our allies, somewhere in the world. I really do miss George Bush now and Ronald Reagan.

  2. Carlos says:

    Ya beat me to it, Tex, but there’s still this:

    “…but, with Captain Obama and the Ferry Fairy Crew running the show…” (You know, the little pixies that keep reign on all the unicorns, not the sexual identity group.)

    Much has been said in the past 25 months of Duh-1’s incompetence, most of it in the last two weeks, but this is beyond the pale. Incompetence doesn’t even begin to describe what actions/inactions he has displayed in the past two weeks, and this is while he’s at the top of whatever game he has.

    Embarrassment? Doesn’t even begin to describe him.

    Incompetent? The same.

    Freakin’ ideological, affirmative action cretin? Now we’re getting closer…

  3. puffpiece says:

    Amazing. China evacuated 12,000 of its citizens from Libya with Chinese military assistance. The British military rescued 150 trapped in the desert oil fields and hundreds of civilians were transported out of Libya before that. French citizens were rescued quickly by their government. Italian military is engaging in rescue of Italian citizens.

    And what does our President do? Nothing. He doesn’t use our military, has sent no ships or planes into the Mediterranean and he hides in the WH. While his incompetent State Department leaves Americans stranded on a ferry for days. There is nobody in the WH with any skills and yet the MSM continues to prop up his sorry administration.

  4. Sefton says:

    C’mon guys, Maobama has a White House Motown/Hollywood schmooze party and other such priorities to attend to.
    What’s all this fluff about a bunch of insignificant American citizens in the inflamed middle east?

    sarc off/

    Can we get some adults back in charge again?

  5. Carlos says:

    We haven’t had adults in the WH for a long time, Sefton, at least since RR, and he was a feeder to the stunted adulthood growth we have today because his profession fed the fairy tale life.

    As far as using a ferry, that worked as well for Obhammud as anything else that could have conceivably crossed his mind, because you know nothing that made a lick of sense crossed it, as well as anything that took even a smidgen of courage.

  6. Dave Dooling says:

    Here’s a simple, direct idea for U.S. military action (now that we’ve lost the chance to do a simple, direct rescue). Put a cruise missile into the Libyan facility that is
    jamming the Thuraya communications satellite.

  7. Glenn Bergen says:

    Gaddifi may be suffering from short-term memory loss. It could be instructive to re-enact the 1985 “Line of Death” scenario for his benefit. He might wish to climb back on a tractor for foreign photo op opportunities.

  8. Glenn Bergen says:

    Or better yet; invite the French back for a night soiree. Take Gaddafi, hang him in the Louvre, cause he’s a work of art.