DID YA KNOW: If the unborn could speak, they’d be pro-choice!

Posted by: ST on March 4, 2011 at 10:51 am

Well, ok. I know it sounds a little goofy but world-renowned expert on … nothing … Cenk Uygur, MSNBC commentator and occasional fill-in host, apparently has the inside scoop on what the unborn would say if they could actually speak. Mark Finkelstein reports:

Cenk made his grotesque suggestion in the course of discussing an Ohio bill that would forbid abortions as soon as a baby’s heartbeat can be detected. Proponents plan to let a nine-week old unborn baby symbolically testify.

CENK UYGUR: By all accounts, the fetus will be the youngest ever to testify. That’s because he or she is not really testifying, because he or she is not really a person yet. In fact, at that point, we don’t even know whether he or she is a he or she. You know what else hasn’t formed at that point? Their mouth. Making it a little hard to testify. But goofball Republicans have wheeled in a woman, done an ultrasound, and listened to the heartbeat of the fetus in the womb.

If the bill is enacted, it would be the first, I’m sorry, it would be the most restrictive abortion law in the country. Now, we reached out to the fetus to see if he or she wanted to come on the show, but it did not say anything, because it does not have a mouth. But if it could talk, I’m pretty sure it would say, could you please get out of my mother’s uterus.

Here’s video of Uygur’s remarks:

First, don’t you love the imagery implied by the suggestion that Republicans “wheeled in a woman” into the meeting? That’s a subtle insinuation that the woman is so weak that Republicans have to manipulate her into having her baby ‘testify.’ Liberal word tricks are so easy to spot, aren’t they? For the record, the two mothers were not “wheeled in” – as this video from the pro-choicers at NARAL makes clear.

Secondly, Uygur’s suggestion that the baby “can’t testify” because it “has no mouth” is preposterous. Just because someone can’t speak means they can’t send a message? That’s like saying that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords couldn’t “testify” simply because she couldn’t speak in the first few weeks after her attempted assassination. She has a hearbeat. That heartbeat is a testament unto itself. It speaks for itself when the person can’t. It means she’s alive and breathing. Hello?

WBNS-10TV out of Ohio filed this report about how the ultrasounds went:

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Lawmakers on Wednesday saw ultrasound images of two fetuses as proponents of a bill that, if approved, would be the most stringent abortion law in the U.S. began testifying.

The so-called “Heartbeat” bill would ban abortions after the first heartbeat can be medically detected, 10TV’s Chuck Strickler reported.

Republican Rep. Lynn Wachtmann introduced the bill last month.

Two pregnant women were given ultrasounds as part of a House committee meeting Wednesday morning.

The heartbeat of a fetus at 15 weeks gestation was easily detected. The heartbeat in a fetus of nine weeks gestation was difficult to detect.

The images were broadcast on a screen and a little flashing dot was identified as the beating heart.

Aside from seeing the heart beating, committee members could also hear it, Strickler reported.

The 9 week old fetus’ heartbeat might have been hard to detect, but the heartbeat of this 6 week/5 day old fetus was not:

That’s a pretty strong hearbeat, wouldn’t you say? I also get the distinct impression that if an unborn baby could literally speak it would, you know, out of that instinctive human instinct for self-preservation say, “Mommy, please let me live.”

The basis for Uygur’s assertions is a bit, er, undetectable, don’t you think?

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6 Responses to “DID YA KNOW: If the unborn could speak, they’d be pro-choice!”


  1. Carlos says:

    As I noted in a post a couple of days ago:

    “Personally, I’m still waiting for one of the millions of aborted babies to weigh in on whether it should be the mother’s choice or the baby’s.”

    I don’t think this jerk qualifies as a spokesman for the millions upon millions of murdered babies – he isn’t an aborted baby!

  2. bill glass says:

    More proof of the times we live in…up is down, black is white, wrong is right…to get to that lib nirvana we’ll all have to just go along to get along.

  3. Phineas says:

    Good night, nurse:
    By all accounts, the fetus will be the youngest ever to testify. That’s because he or she is not really testifying, because he or she is not really a person yet. In fact, at that point, we don’t even know whether he or she is a he or she. You know what else hasn’t formed at that point? Their mouth.

    Of all the dumb things one can say on the topic, this has to be among the dumbest. For your information, Cenk, the moment meiotic division took place after the egg was fertilized, that developing embryo had the same human DNA it would carry for the rest of its life until its natural death 80-90 years later. Regardless of externalities, such as a mouth, it is a recognizable human being and is entitled to the same protection under the law as any other person unable to speak for themselves.

    Or would you say an old man or woman in a home for the senile, whose mind is largely gone, is “not really a person?”

    “Not really a person” is the same as “not really human.” That’s how genocides get started. Nice job, Cenk.

  4. Carlos says:

    And exactly the basis for the coming death panels, Phineas.

    Don’t blame Cenk for being dumb, Phineas, he’s just so enamored of his own wit and overwhelmed by his own brilliance he can’t exactly hear what he’s saying or see the utter stupidity of it.

  5. Chris says:

    Yup, and I’m sure all those Jews who were given free, government-supplied “showers” in the course of Dear Uncle Adolf’s national “cleansing” program were cheering with gusto even as the gas gushed forth, while those on the sidelines cheered them on and celebrated the ocassion.

    Well, ol’ Georgie Soros probabaly was, but that’s another whole sordid story unto itself.

    Could this be yet another unconscious projection of the typical Lib/Progressive self-loathing, that an unborn baby would reject any attempts to protect it from the abortionist, instead heroically crying out, “I can see that suction tube! Bring it on! Let’s celebrate freedom of choice!”

    Cenk — what a pathetic moron.

  6. ShiftyJ says:

    I have no doubt that if the fetus had the ability to it would say “Please get out of my mother’s uterus”, especially to the abortionist.