QOTD: “Republicans view women as incubators first, autonomous beings second”

From liberal columnist Robyn Blumner, whining about the wave of GOP pro-life bills being pushed across the country. I’ve emphasized a few choice words in bold and added my comments below them:

Election victories by a raft of self-proclaimed “small-government” Republicans mean that Big Brother is on the warpath against women’s autonomy. We’ve seen this before, but this time it’s a true onslaught. In Florida alone there have been at least 20 abortion-related bills filed. The state’s 1 million unemployed will just have to wait while the legislature attends to the serious business of forcing women seeking an abortion to have an unnecessary ultrasound.

Yeah, because state legislatures can’t do two things at one time, like debate multiple pieces of legislation on how to help the local economy and protect the unborn. Uh huh. Also, what’s with the “unnecessary”? That assumes the woman has either seen both pro and con literature on abortion and is still going to proceed with it or that she doesn’t need no stinkin’ information. So much for fully “arming” women with all the information they need to know in order to make a decision!

This year, Republican politicians see their best opportunity since 1973 to insinuate themselves between women and their doctors. GOP control of more statehouses and governorships has coincided with a U.S. Supreme Court primed by Bush-era appointees to slice and dice Roe vs. Wade.

This woman is actually using the term “slice and dice” in reference to discussing a “setback” in the “rights” of a woman to have her baby’s body parts sucked out of her body. Moving right along …

[…] In 2007, Kennedy upheld a federal law that banned so-called partial-birth abortions, even though it failed to include an exception to protect the woman’s health. Kennedy’s majority opinion included a paternalistic lament for women getting this kind of abortion who “come to regret their choice to abort.”

In other words, the courts will allow Congress and state legislatures to swoop in to protect women from their own impulsive and uninformed decisions on abortion – as if women choose abortion like they choose new shoes.

Oh, but they do. Examples here.

Kennedy’s position has invited an anti-choice tsunami of new abortion limits. The true purpose of these measures is to delay abortions and make them more expensive, but they are dressed up to look like they’re just giving women more information and more time to think about it.

Er, the true purpose is actually to try and get women to change their minds, not “make abortions more expensive.” What planet is this woman on? And again, note her mockery of the idea that a woman should give herself more time to think about the decision she’s about to make. Kind if ironic, isn’t it, especially considering the fact that the author clearly believes a woman doesn’t choose an abortion as often as she does new shoes, implying that women take considerable time to think about whether or not to terminate their pregnancy(ies).

In South Dakota, the governor just signed into law a three-day waiting period – the longest in the nation – between the time a woman has her initial clinic visit and the procedure. It also forces women to visit pregnancy-counseling centers where they’ll be harangued by abortion opponents.

Got that? Pregnancy-counseling centers “harangue” women seeking abortion. Again, so much for a woman being fully informed about her options. Then again, we all know that the “choice” chant radical pro-aborts exclaim from the tops of their lungs every chance they get only applies to the one “choice” they want a woman to make: abort, abort, abort.

Florida’s proposed “Woman’s Right to Know Act” would force women to have, and pay for, an ultrasound before an abortion. Other states have this burdensome rule. Also moving in Florida’s overwhelmingly Republican legislature is a bill that requires physicians to inform women seeking abortions after 22 weeks about fetal pain. Other states have passed or are considering similar measures.


“Burdensome.” Again, note how the author takes issue with a woman viewing an ultrasound (whether she has to pay for it or not). We all know why, don’t we?

It all points to one thing: Republicans view women as incubators first, autonomous beings second. And they’re on the cusp of making this the law of the land wherever they hold sway.

*Sigh.* These women never will get it, will they? It’s not that “Republicans view women as incubators” – would certainly be especially weird of female Republicans did, wouldn’t it? – it’s that they view the unborn life growing inside the woman as precious … and deserving of rights and protections, too. I know. Shame on us, right?

Heh: RNC parody vid of Obama campaign launch gets more views than launch itself

A sign o’ the times, perhaps?

The National Republican Senatorial Committee’s  parody of Obama’s 2012 campaign, released Friday, now has 665,000 views on YouTube.

Obama’s real launch video, released yesterday: Just 168,000.

YouTube’s metrics tend to lag a bit, but the numbers suggest that — energy-wise — we’re in 2010, not 2008.

Right Sphere’s Brandon Kiser asks:

Could the magic be gone?

I’d like to think so, but it’s a long time between now and November 2012 and – like I’ve said before – President Obama is going to pull out all the stops and slide to the center a la Bill Clinton as much as he possibly can in order to try and convince the American people that his hardcore leftist agenda of the past two years does not prove he’s a hardcore leftist ideologue.

The first official unofficial move of Obama ’12  – which was announced yesterday to much understandable fanfare – was to reverse course on the KSM civilian trial pledge, and that’s got the diehards on the left absolutely furious.  Even pseudo-conservative and Obama groupie Andrew Sullivan isn’t happy.  Of course, most of them are blaming the so-called  GOP “politics of fear” atmosphere they claim surrounded the debate as to whether or not the confessed mastermind of the 9-11 attacks and his co-conspirators shoud be tried in NYC or anywhere here in the US – this in spite of the fact that prominent NY liberals opposed the idea of having the trial in NYC as well – so they’ll fall back in line soon enough …. just in time to be entranced by our celebrity President and his soaring, empty rhetoric while on campaign stop after campaign stop.

Old habits die hard.

Anyway, it’s somewhat amusing about the number of views for the respective vids mentioned above, but again, it’s still early.  We shouldn’t take this initial lack of interest as a signal to relax.  From now ’til election day we’ve got our work cut out for us in soundly refuting the false assertions that are sure to come from the spinmeisters in both the administration and the campaign (one in the same?),  countering the bald-faced lies and “half-truths” that will be told about the GOP opposition, as well as the combatting the constant Democrat cheerleading by the MSM – which has already started.

As our gaffetastic VP would say: “Gird your loins.”

Presented in Evidence of our Eventual Doom: $600 grand for a gurgling toad

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I’m all for odd and amusing public art, but not for $600,000 of federal taxpayer money:

Decried as wasteful spending that will be seen by just a couple thousand of daily workers who arrive on bus shuttles, foes have tried to delay the decision, expected tomorrow, April 1. But in an E-mail, an Army Corps of Engineers official said that the decision can’t be held up because it would impact completion of the huge project.

The City of Alexandria just announced that there are four works of art being considered and that a final decision needs to be made fast. The artwork was put on display for public comment from March 24 to today. The Alexandria News first reported the hasty announcement to decide a winner.

The schedule surprised some who thought that the costly artwork project was on the “back burner,” according to critic Donald Buch, a member of the mayor’s advisory committee overseeing the Mark Center project. “What’s the rush?” he asked.

What’s the rush?? Well, I tell you, mister: What red-blooded federal worker wouldn’t want to see a giant statue of a fairy riding a toad on their morning commute — with sound effects!

Your tax dollars at work:

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That “wretched buffoon” Lindsey Graham

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Mark Steyn rips into Senator Lindsey “Free Speech unless someone gets upset” Graham:

Andrew, ever since I ran into a spot of bother in Canada, I’ve found myself giving speeches in defense of freedom of expression in Toronto, London, Copenhagen, etc. I did not think it would be necessary quite so soon to take the same stand in the land of the First Amendment against craven squishes of the political class willing to trade core liberties for a quiet life. I have no expectations of Harry Reid or the New York Times, but I have nothing but total contempt for the wretched buffoon Graham. A mob of deranged ululating blood-lusting head-hackers slaughter Norwegian female aid-workers and Nepalese guards — and we’re the ones with the problem?

I agree with the Instaprof: Lindsey Graham is unfit for office. The good news is there’s no need for the excitable lads of Mazar e-Sharif to chop his head off because he’s already walking around with nothing up there.

It’s Steyn in outrage mode, and you don’t want to miss it.

via Ed Driscoll

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