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BREAKING: Osama bin Laden dead as a result of US strike (UPDATED)

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Multiple news outlets are reporting the news. Not confirmed as to how or which country (Afghanistan or Pakistan). The President will be issuing a statement shortly on the matter. Absolutely awesome news. It’s a symbolic victory as the war on terror will go on nevertheless, but that doesn’t diminish the historic significance of this kill. […]


Sunday book review: A Country Of Vast Designs

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**Posted by Phineas For most people, when asked to name a historically significant US president, the name “James K. Polk” is not the first to come to mind. Sandwiched between the revolutionary trio of Washington, Adams, and Jefferson at one end and the giant presence of Abraham Lincoln at the other, his historical memory overshadowed […]


Fetus protection law signed by Gov. Bev. Perdue

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Great news for the unborn here in NC: RALEIGH, N.C. — Suspects accused of causing a fetus to die or injuring it inside the womb at any stage of development would face separate criminal charges under a law Gov. Beverly Perdue has signed. The measure Perdue signed on Friday doesn’t apply to legal abortions but […]



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Judge orders John Edwards to answer questions about affair



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Bloomberg: New Immigrants Should Go To Detroit



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One of Gadhafi’s sons killed in NATO airstrike, Libyan official says



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How Paul Ryan Won the Recess


Ballot Box

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Rubio says no to a possible VP spot on the Republican ticket