Nanny says, “No lunches from home!”

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There were several good competitors for’s “Nanny of the Month” award, but the judges had no choice but to give it to a woman who embodies the spirit of “minding everyone else’s business:” Elsa Carmona, a school principal in Chicago who has forbidden students from bringing lunch from home:

I’d be real curious to know what, if any, connections she has to the company that supplies the school’s lunches.

Or maybe she was just jealous that she never had a Pokemon lunch box.

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4 thoughts on “Nanny says, “No lunches from home!”

  1. There was a guy who sat at my lunch table in high school that would probably agree with such a policy. Every day he brought in a “brown bag” lunch that his mother had packed; every day he looked inside, said “I can’t eat this $#!+”, then bought his lunch from the cafeteria…

  2. Wonder if the principal eats the cafeteria food??? I bet not. She probably orders out for pizza.

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