Netanyahu vs. Obama: Who’s dissin’ who?

Posted by: ST on May 21, 2011 at 9:07 am

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu schooled (hat tip) our celebrity President yesterday with a bit of a history lesson on why Obama’s call for Israel to return to the 1967 borders is unacceptable. Allahpundit sets the stage:

Normally these Oval Office grip-and-grins begin with a few minutes of blah-blah from the president about America’s enduring bond with the other leader’s country, followed by a minute or so from that leader about the “productive discussion” they just had, and that’s it. Not this time: Netanyahu takes off here for a good seven minutes, parts of which are so cutting — the conclusion about history not giving the Jewish people another chance is simply devastating — that it’s hard to believe it was extemporaneous. In fact, by the end he’s facing Obama and addressing him personally, just to add to the theater. Bibi knew this would be his golden opportunity to pay Obama back for yesterday’s speech, and darned if he didn’t seize it. It’s riveting.

Indeed. You can watch the video at that same link.

In response to Netanyahu’s direct addressing of Obama, some prominent “friends of Israel” – some on the left and a few on the right – are ‘disturbed’ by the so-called level of “disrespect” shown to our President. Seriously? AmSpec’s Aaron Goldstein zings Netanyahu’s critics here:

If anyone is guilty of disrespect it is Obama towards Netanyahu. It was just over a year ago when Obama had Netanyahu over at the White House to dress him down over the settlements and to add insult to injury he told the Israeli Prime Minister to show himself out. And now this broadside?

As I have noted here, in a matter of seconds, President Obama went from stating the United States could not impose peace to demanding that Israel retreat to the armistice lines of the 1948-1949 Israeli War of Independence. Under the circumstances, Prime Minister Netanyahu would have certainly been taken aback. He is fully within his right to demand an explanation from Obama on behalf of the people of Israel.

Absolutely. And Netanyahu simply should not be blamed for the “smartest President evah™!!!”‘s oft-demonstrated gross ignorance of history,especially when it comes to the issue of the Israeli/Palestinian stand-off.

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12 Responses to “Netanyahu vs. Obama: Who’s dissin’ who?”


  1. Phineas says:

    Normally, I’d be ticked at an American president being sandbagged like this in public — respect for the office and all that. But Obama really had it coming in this case, and good for Netanyahu for turning the tables on him.

  2. Carlos says:

    How can Duh-1 be faulted for not knowing Israeli history? He doesn’t even know ours!

    Especially when it comes to the Constitution, how it came about, why it came about the way it did, what the purposes of it were (especialy the Bill of Rights), and how, starting in the late 1800s and accelerating during the Wilson and FDR years, the high court started throwing out the Democraps’ beloved stare decisis decisions for “comity” and progressivism.

    He is a no-class dude with absolutely no clue as to the office he holds, is an embarrassment to the United States as a whole and an embarrassment to its people daily.

  3. bill glass says:

    Minions surrounding Barry are, for the most part, anti-Israel, so it’s no surprise he views the same array of facts we see through their eyes. Any rational person, knowing the history over even the last 20 years, should have the ability to discern the proper course of negotiation with the terrorists on the Islamic side of the equation…that is: peace through strength.

  4. DavidL says:

    Benjamin Netanyahu may have given the best political speech of my lifetime, to rank with Richard Nixon’s Checkers speech.

    Dim Won, b/k/a Obama is used to delivering snide put-downs. For Bibi’s speech, Dim Won could do little more than sit there and take it. Yet nothing Bibi said could be considered as new, or less than obvious.

    Yet Dim Won seemed stunned that Bibi did not accept Dim Won’s offer to have Bibi march the Jewish people into the sea. It seems that Dim Won thought that Israel was a nation of leemings.

    And Bibi did this without platitudes or a teleprompter. Still awaiting comment from Chuckie Schumer.

  5. david foster says:

    The problem with Obama isn’t lack of historical knowledge, or at least not only/mainly lack of historical knowledge. Like many people who are reasonably intelligent but not at all creative and lacking in moral courage, Obama accepted unthinkingly the prejudices of the circle of people among whom he spent his formative years. In Obama’s case, these prejudices included definitely strong anti-Israel attitudes, and probably outright anti-Semitism as well.

  6. martin j smith says:

    What is sad and revealing is the behavior Jewish Communal Organizations such as the ADL leaders. In my view I would not give any organization of such types a dime because they no longer serve Jewish interests ( this is not to say that concern should not be shown to any group who is oppressed ). The ass licking of Obama by these groups is disgusting and amoral.
    Thus I say of ANYONE OR ORGANIZATION that claims to represent Jewish interests –if you DO NOT ACTIVELY SUPPORT ISRAEL- You may claim to be Jewish but you are not kosher. That means for me “you are not the kind of person or organization I would support because you are letting the Anti- Semites destroy the very people they claim to represent.” Which is an extremely polite way of saying other things.

  7. PE says:

    I was amazed and astounded by Bibi’s excellent performance in both explaining the reality of Israel’s situation and in delivering a verbal a** whuppin to our man child in chief. Could it be that Bibi is racist??

  8. NM Bobblehead says:

    I personally am amazed Bibi didn’t throw in a few “you putz” or “you schmuck” while speaking to the big O. Heaven knows I was screaming a few choice Yiddish words at our Pres while watching the speech. I think if anything Bibi should be commended on his restraint in front of the Schmendrik!

  9. Drew the Infidel says:

    If I remember correctly, the last time Netanyahu went slumming at the White House, he had to use the rear service entrance instead of the front door. Obhammud’s level of crass behavior is lower than whale crap, and that’s the bottom of the ocean. And PE, hope you get well soon.

  10. Great White Rat says:

    some prominent “friends of Israel” – some on the left and a few on the right – are ‘disturbed’ by the so-called level of “disrespect” shown to our President.

    Respect is something you give to people initially. Once they show they don’t deserve it – as Obama has repeatedly – it must be earned back. One of Obama’s trademarks is his way of disrespectfully insulting others to their faces in situations where they’re unable to respond – for example, the SCOTUS during the State of the Union address and Paul Ryan more recently. Unless Netanyahu’s critics were similarly ‘disturbed’ by Obama’s behavior, they would be well advised to shut up about this incident.

    Here’s what I’m wondering: how will this affect the situation in the Middle East? Knowing what a thin-skinned narcissist Obama is, I’ll bet he threw a tantrum as soon as he was out of camera and microphone range on Friday. No doubt he’s seething with vindictive rage and plans to retaliate against Israel for not acknowledging his awesome brilliance and supreme wonderfulness. He’s already thrown them under the bus – now he’s probably hatching plans to back it up and run them over again.

    Not that it will make too much difference in the long run. Anyone who expected Obama to ever do anything pro-Israeli is delusional – listening to Reverend Wright spewing anti-Semitic hate for 20 years apparently didn’t bother him. But the Israeli government and people should steel themselves, because he’s going to try to hurt them badly and quickly.

  11. captaingrumpy says:

    He could not hurt them more than he already has.Obama has proven himself to be pro Muslim time and time again. He will help Egypt but not other nations.He is a Muslim from his father.In Muslim countries,the religion if followed through the male lines so he follow his father and was schooled in a Muslim school in Indonesia.
    He was BORN to hate all except Muslims.

  12. Carlos says:

    And to finish your line there, Grumpy, it’s only muslims of a particular stripe that he will ultimately defend, since the different sects of Islam are much more vicious against each other than sects of Christianity, except of course for the Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland, but that is essentially a turf war, not a doctrinal one.

    Religion of peace? Yeah, riiiight.