Senator Pretty Hair to be indicted over campaign finance shenanigans

Aww. There’s a tear in my beer. Not. Via the Charlotte Observer:

The U.S. Justice Department has given prosecutors the go-ahead to seek an indictment against former U.S. Senator and two-time presidential candidate John Edwards, according to multiple broadcast reports.

ABC News, which broke the story late Tuesday night, says Edwards, of North Carolina, has been informed of the development.

Edwards reportedly is considering whether to defend himself in a trial, or accept a plea agreement.

According to the ABC reports, Edwards, 57, faces scrutiny from federal prosecutors over the way 2008 presidential campaign money was used. Specifically, the network reports, investigators want to know if the Edwards campaign used donations to help shield the candidate’s mistress, Rielle Hunter, from the press.

Hunter was an aide in Edwards’ 2008 presidential campaign. Edwards has denied any misuse of campaign funds.

In addition, WRAL-TV in Raleigh reported Wednesday that investigators also are looking into the possible channeling of some campaign money from donor Rachel “Bunny” Mellon to a consulting agency.

WRAL said sources report a major development in the case is expected within the next two weeks.

The WSJ reports that Edwards’ lawyers are “in talks” with prosecutors to try and avoid a public spectacle:

This just in: Justice Department prosecutors and lawyers for former Sen. John Edwards are in last-ditch plea agreement talks that could avert felony charges over alleged campaign finance violations, people familiar with the matter said. Read the WSJ story here.

If the talks fail Wednesday, Justice Department prosecutors are expected to seek a grand jury indictment against Edwards, these people say. A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment.

Edwards’ was quoted as saying this back in late 2007 while running for President (reporting comes from a September 2007 Hendersonville News article – the link is no longer working):

Democrat John Edwards said Friday that the nation needs an honest and sincere president more than it needs the “next great politician.”

Asked by a voter what quality he possesses that other candidates lack, Edwards described what he would look for in a president if he was not running.

“I would absolutely require that the person I was voting for is someone I believe is honest and sincere and has integrity,” he said. “We don’t need the world’s next great politician as president. What we need is someone we can trust.

“We’re not looking for the most cunning, manipulative, artful politician. I’m not looking for that. Maybe someone else is,” he said. “I just don’t think that’s what America needs.”

Laughable, especially considering Edwards’ was far removed from any of that – and so is the guy who eventually won the presidency the next year.

TigerHawk characterizes the impending prosecution of Edwards as “poetic.” I couldn’t agree more.

“My journey toward Islamoawareness”

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That’s the title of a post at Big Peace from a person who works in Hollywood, but has to post through a friend because of the bigotry shown toward anyone who doesn’t toe the orthodox left-liberal line there. His awakening to the truth about Islam –that it is an aggressive, totalitarian faith driven by its core doctrines to force all others into submission– mirrors my own, though my journey began right after September 11th. Here’s how he begins:

I use the term “Islamoawareness” because people who are critical of Islamic doctrine are often smeared as “Islamophobes”. I reject this label because a “phobia” is an irrational fear of something, but to fear something that is, indeed, out to kill you is the height of rationality.

Read the whole thing. Like David Mamet’s story of his transformation from unthinking liberal to thoughtful conservative, it’s a tale of opening one’s eyes to facts –not bigotry, facts– and casting off comfortable blinders of political correctness in order to see reality, no matter how uncomfortable it makes us. It’s a path we all need to walk in the face of a continuing jihad, both cultural and violent.

And be sure to take note of the recommend reading list at the end; I’ve read most of them and heartily agree.

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