Palin email headlines you don’t want to miss

Really. Is there any way the Palin-hating mainstream media could embarass itself anymore than they have today over the release of 24,000 pages of emails from part of Sarah Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska?

Heck, I almost feel sorry for them.

Almost. :D

The most accurate headline, though, is this disappointed-sounding one from Politico:

Sarah Palin emails provide no big bombshells

And a quote from CNN’s Drew Griffin:

“What we are seeing so far is a hard working gov for the state of AK”


Palin emails
Reporters load boxes containing documents after being released on FRiday, June 10, 3011 in Juneau, Alaska. Emails from Sarah Palin's time as Alaska's governor asre being released Friday, morethan 2-1/2 years after they were first requested. (AP Photo/Brian Wallace)

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